Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy, busy!

My next two months are a

Which explains why its been a little silent over here in blog land.

I've managed to fall headlong right back into Girl Scouting....and will be taking over a Jr. Troop in the fall. Right now I'm learning the ropes of being one of many leaders in a troop of 34 girls.


I came from a troop of 6-7. Slight learning curve.

MM had her first ever ever overnight. It was a Girl Scout museum one. Lots of fun. She has really blossomed all of a sudden and is LOVING scouts. I am enjoying watching from afar. I decided not to slide into the Daisy Leader opening as she is doing so well I'm afraid if I was right there with her she would just be hanging on my leg and not having this wonderful time. Hence, me taking a spot in the Jr. Troop (4th-5th graders). Kind of a long story...but essentially, they had the need, I had the experience and I was just sitting up there for two hours waiting on her since I didn't want to run up the miles or burn the gas to go back and forth. (Yes, I was enjoying myself in some reading time and stuff - it was nice while it lasted.)

So - its been lots of GS stuff. We are going camping this weekend (cabin)...which will be another brand new experience for MM. Well, not really, she's been camping but its always been in our tent, not as one of a group of girls. And she does still wake up crying 4-6 times a night so a Daisy leader will be getting less sleep than they are used to I think. And fortunately the leader of the whole troop is working with us on food - because that could have become a nightmare. I'm running around scrounging in the camping gear and trying to pull it together. Also I am trying to make sleeping bag carriers for both girls....Songbird has been registered as an independent so she can come also. Hubs was supposed to be gone this weekend so this became something we had to do. She just thought she was done with GS! Hah!

Speaking of hubs...another MRI has been scheduled. Thank you. I've have very negative views on how much of a success the back surgery was (they nicked the spinal sac and spent hours repairing it so they didnt fix both discs while they were in there...only the worst one. Do not get me started.) This is a relief to me because I either want someone to say he's just stuck with his problems or do another surgery. BEFORE getting out of the military since they are the ones that ruined his back to begin with.

Graduation in DC is in less than three weeks. Also that weekend we will be attending the wedding of hubs cousin. Of course I had the bright idea of making a quilt as a present. My FIRST large one. Yes. I have ripped it apart twice and re-pieced. Running short on time!!!
Finally in sandwich stage. This is just a blurry sneak peak. Wait until you see the clear version and the back too! I'm calling it Caribbean Honeymoon.

On top of those things I've attended a job fair and a volunteer fair, run the teen animal a million and one places, re-matted MM's folk paintings to match her new decor, etc.

Wow. It's like having a life.

The nine month mark after a move always seems to be the point where life settles down and I start doing more. It's a shame it takes me so long, but it does.

BUT, we are back to the church search again. As great as the last church was it had one very fatal flaw. The youth group was just too small. I knew it was going to happen. Songbird gave it a shot but it just was not right for her. Sigh. So we are back to a previous church giving it a more serious look over. Hoping this one is it!


And now I'm off to blogland to find some free instructions on sleeping bag carriers...I've only got a day to pull them off!!


  1. I LOVE that quilt, it's gorgeous. Man I wish I could quilt.

    Sounds like you've been super busy, hope you're taking some time to relax.

  2. Wow, girl, and I thought I was busy... When you get a chance *ahem* I'd love to hear your thoughts on the shea butter. :)

  3. Amy - I sent it today...did you not get it? I can resend.

  4. Church hunting... no fun. Quilting - now that is good stuff, and looking wonderful!
    I am looking forward to scouts. Of course, I have boys, and will not be invited along on trips, but I still think all the planning and talking about sounds like fun.