Tuesday, April 20, 2010


You know, I don't normally read these types of books. I'm really big on following your gut and instincts and actually think most books of this kind are...well....junk. How could one book help more than a handful of people? We are all so different.

But I really love to read...and I really wanted to find a book club. Being new to this area, I was clueless. So, I thought I'd try an online book club. After all, one of the blogs I read was doing this so it was easy. And this was the book they picked.

You know that online book club ideal only lasted about as long as it took me to get the book. LOL! Yep. That's about how long I stick to things generally. But I did give it a shot. And I got hooked on the book rather quick.

Now, this book isn't for everyone. As a matter of fact I'd say its not for most people - to be quite honest. The commitment it takes to use the principles is just not the norm in our society. Most men are not going to dedicate themselves to their families in this way. (Shame on me for saying that out loud. But its true.) I can say I know a few families that would take this and be brilliant success stories....and I'm mailing it to one of them and asking her to pass it on to one of the others. Plus I actually have one single friend that could adapt this to her little family and it would just fit with them......as they are already on track with part of it anyways. (Check it out of the library if you get a chance T.)

And as much as I would love this to be my family.....it will never happen. But boy did I learn some really important stuff. I therefore consider it as time well spent and a valuable book to anyone that will take the time to go through it.

I'm going to leave you with my favorite paragraph of the book - which is not some big concept or step in the book.....just a concept that I live by and makes my life so much easier and my enjoyment of people so much deeper:

"Sometimes living with differences and appreciating other people's uniqueness is hard. We tend to want to mold people in our own image. When we get our security from our opinions, to hear a different opinion- particularly from someone as close as our spouse or children-threatens that security. We want them to agree with us, to think the way we think, to go along with our ideas. But as someone once said, "When everybody thinks alike, nobody thinks very much." Another said, "When two agree, one is unnecessary." Without difference, there's no basis for synergy, no option to create new solutions and opportunities."

Friends, if you do nothing else in life, learn to love and honor differences. This one thing will expand your horizons and open you up for a hundred fold more friendships and relationships. And letting go of having to surround yourself with people that think like you is very freeing. You should give it a try.


  1. Will do - when the library re-opens in June. :)I have seen it recently and was drawn to it, but passed on it for the same reason you often pass on books like this one, I figure it will help a few, but not most... and probably not me.

  2. Autumn, you are so right. For many years I found my security in "matching" other people. I am so glad God is teaching me a better way. How can I reach anyone if I only stick with someone who is the same as I am? And what friendships I would miss out on...even in my own family.

  3. I think sometimes with self-help books like this (lumping it in that category) is people get discouraged when they realize maybe their family or themselves don't fit the standard mold of a family or they try these techniques and nothing changes and they get frustrated. I would rather see people get connected with their local church and perhaps seeking out the wisdom of others to help them with areas they, themselves, might be struggling with. But you are right, a general book like this would be hard to help many since we are indeed so very different


  4. Now I am intrigued... I'm gonna have to check this out. I loved the quote - definitely a necessity in our politically split house. *grin*

  5. Very interesting! I actually own his "7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders" - mandatory reading for a class I took in college. Of course, I have about five books I am "currently" reading.

  6. i like the quote! thanks for sharing :) this isn't the kind of book i would usually read, but i may check it out now.