Monday, August 24, 2009

A week of happenings and discoveries...

I swear I am never gonna get this place unpacked. I'm doing good to get 4-5 boxes done a day. It has never taken us so long. Hubs looked at me today...then looked at the house full of boxes and commented on how it has been two weeks and you would never know it. Thankfully we had no rain today so we were able to get out into the garage and drag everything out and start piecing it together. It should go a little faster now....or at least it will when the box pick-up guys show up.

This week has been a mecca of discovery on the food shopping front. Maybe this should be a foody blog, huh? Seems to be THE topic lately.

We found a middle eastern market where we can get the right kind of yogurt to make tatziki and we can get the fresh olives we have with Greek salad (on the menu this week).

We also discovered an Asian market just down the street from the house. It is rather large and carries my favorites. Sadly for hubs they do not carry Mr. Brown (its a coffee in a can - do not get the appeal myself.)

What makes Asian markets so important for us is only partially due to cooking Asian food. You see, when you have to stay away from wheat, that means PASTA too. Oh the agony!! Well, at Asian markets you can find pasta's made from all kinds of rice, bean and sweet potato. And they cost less than $1.50...not the $3+ that you pay at the healthy markets. Same for the non-wheat flours. So now I am back to being able to have pasta with the family (even though it is not as good as least it LOOKS close! LOL!)

Also, striking up random conversations with complete strangers in grocery stores yielded another great find: Franks Farm. About 7 minutes from my house is a farm with a little store out front where they grow and sell their produce. Greek salad tomorrow!! With lots of fresh tomatoes! Their fresh peppers (multiple colors) were only .65 each. Hah!

And have I mentioned that we live in the land of $1.59 milk? No, not the half gallons. Excuse me, I paid $1.79 today. That's a litttttlllllleeeee bit better than the $4 in Texas. (Yet dog food is twice the price....huh?)

This week also finds us with the windows and door thrown wide open and cool breezes blowing the cardboard smell out. And the music after dark is a lullaby. Did I say our area is called The Woods? That would be because its in the woods. So we have birds and bugs and frogs singing to us all night long. Very soothing.

At least it is until the trains come through every 2 hours. Hmmm...missed that the trains are so loud and so active not all that far away. Not in our nieghborhood, but close enough to sound like..well...a freight train coming through. Nice. They are almost as loud as the huge Air Force planes buzzing us during daylight hours. Ah, the sound of freedom. Better hope your kids aren't afraid of loud noises.

After a trip to the ped for a school physical...I am in love with MM's doctor. We'll, okay, not really, but really. He was all about her. (Not military...civilian working at the military hospital.)
More to come on that subject later.

Also, we are surrounded by bike/walking trails. Already tried a few out. And got turned around and would have been lost without hubs. I thought my sense of direction was better than that.

Wonder what this coming week will bring.


  1. Glad things are going to well. You won't hear the trains after a while. I don't. :)

  2. Oh the freakin' trains! Now that winter is approaching, they seem to go through every half hour, all night long. Everyone sleeps right through the noise except me, of course.

    $1.79! For a GALLON of milk? That's crazy cheap! We pay $2.35 here.

  3. I will have to agree with Tricia - after awhile the trains will only be a bit of music in the background. Next time you move, you will have a hard time sleeping without them ... trust me!
    Franks Farms sounds fabulous. I love this time of year when you can buy pretty much anything on the side of the road in this area of the country. (we live quite literally in farm country - I can almost walk to a peach orchard or pecan grove)
    Sounds like you are settling in nicely.