Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seduction of the City

We have been in our new town for a week now and I already love it.

Now, I really loved where we came from also. It was a family friendly small city. There wasn’t a lot of pollution or traffic. It was pretty. The lake was right there and the sunsets at certain times of the year are awesome. The pace of life was not frantic or hurried.

But there’s something to be said for the big city.

First, you can drink the water. I can’t overstate that one enough. I don’t drink enough water as it is…but when it smells and tastes bad I almost drink none. Our last home had the worst water I’ve ever been exposed to. I even had to leave the area when someone took a shower because the smell of the steam. Yes, friends, Waco water is like muddy catfish swill. Yum. Yum. Even with the extreme chlorination going on they couldn’t kill that funk.

Now, I can drink the water. Right out of the tap even. I can order water at a restaurant and then actually drink it…and get refills.

Second: Culture

The most noticeable difference here is the diversity. All colors everywhere we have gone so far. This is refreshing! Our multicolored family doesn’t even warrant a second glance in most cases. We have not been stared at or singled out for being different yet.

Then there’s the food. We’ve been here a week and managed to already have great Greek food, Indian food and Korean food. Close to our home there are Asian markets. We had some Chinese food but it was only ok.

We have also already had German food at a German fest. And we went to a sweet corn festival – where we bought home grown tomatoes instead of sweet corn and ate Korean food. We have been invited to a Korean church in the area also. There is an Asian festival next week we plan on checking out.

You can find something going on every weekend. You can even choose! Hit one event on Saturday, and the other on Sunday. Our entertainment budget will have to be much better funded after the house sells!

And then theres…..Location

We are within 10 minutes of just about anything I want. The mall (that would be the teen animals thing), Kohls, Tuesday Morning, Walmart, Michaels, Joannes, the BX and Commissary, library, post office….. you name it. In Texas it took 10 minutes just to reach the edge of town and then depended on what you wanted. Our gas bill will go way down here. We are only about 2 minutes from Hubs work.

And lastly….weather.

The radio keeps talking about how the air conditioners are getting such a terrible workout right now. Temps are “creeping dangerously close to 90!” Ha! I love it!! No triple digits here! And its about 76 in the mornings….perfect for sitting outside with a cuppa tea and a book before the kids get up and the day begins. Lovin’ it now – but pretty sure I’ll be crying later this winter!

Keep cool my Texas friends!


  1. I'm seduced by what you are writing about the city. It makes me want to visit. I'm glad you love it though!

  2. I am so glad to read the great report! I'm with Dona, we'll have to come visit! We miss you- but glad you're happy :)

  3. Can you send some of the heat this way? We have been in pants and jackets all week! I don't want to think about what winter will hold.

  4. I so agree about the water! I'm thankful to have a well, and not be on city water anymore, because the water around here leaves much to be desired.

    Glad you can drink yours now too!

    Your new city sounds great. I'm happy that you're so happy!

  5. Oohh, you are cruel, raving about the weather. Especially since I live in a mid-Atlantic swamp. Ugh.

  6. Sounds like city life is treating you well! :) So glad you have many things to be thankful for in your new location.