Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mighty Mouse and the Lunch Lady

Mighty Mouse is off an running at Kindergarten! She even wanted to ride the bus on her first ever day. I wanted to take her but I didn't want to stop her from riding the bus either as she is usually so shy and afraid. So, she rode the bus.

That doesn't sound like much until you hear the details. See, her school district has so many Kindergarteners that they have some at the primary school, and then there is a whole other Kindergarten only campus down the road. So, if you happen to ride the bus, you get dumped at the primary school...and if you go to Wright Campus you must then find a designated spot and stand in line to ride a shuttle to WC. And there are different lines/spots as it takes several trips so they are split up alphabetically.

Sounding a little complicated? Especially for a 5 year old that has never even attended a pre-school of any kind? Yep. I was nervous. So I just manned-up and let her get onto that big yellow bus.

And she did fine since I didn't get a call or email. Although I did find out later that she was directed to the preschool and they had to sort all that out and get her to the other campus. Nice. Preschoolers aren't allowed to ride the bus so just exactly how did that happen? Oh well. It's not like they lost her. That was someone else's kid. Not kidding.

About her school....

Those that have been reading here for awhile might remember my big delimma over whether to put her into our school in Tx or try to get her into a more diverse school. Well, the good thing in all of that was they were both great schools.

Well, when I show up for MM's screening appointment at the school here, the police are all over the place. I had to walk through a heated discussion (on the mom's part) between a mother and several police. She tried to storm off and then let her get down the stairs and then asked her if she wanted her license back. I thought that was pretty funny. Anyways, I had to wade through that mess to take MM in the building and that was not impressive.

So I'm handed a bunch of stuff to read while MM is being screened. One of those papers happens to be the disclosure that my daughter is in a school that has failed two years in a row on the reading scores. So, by law I can take her to another school (if they have room) and my school has to provide the transportation. Plus, if you decide to stay, you can ask for a private tutor for reading at the schools expense...I just have to provide transportation.

Now, I'm sort of under the impression that schools that don't do well are usually underfunded. So, if they are providing all this tutoring and transportation as punishment for low scores -- how exactly are they suposed to improve? The money is now being funnelled into yet another area.

I'm just saying.

Back to my story.

So, my daughter gets home and I'm all excited to hear about her day. Many a mom is going to relate to this.

You know what I learned?

The black boy put too much food in his mouth and spit it all over. It was sooooo grosssssss! Said with drama to rival older sisters. Where did THAT come from? LOL!

And I learned about the preschool incident.

Then comes my favorite. The rest of the night my daughter spent in stitches and giggles over the lunch lady. Yes. Mighty Mouse laughs every time she talks about the lunch lady. You see, she has it in her head that Lunch Lady is her actual name. And she thinks that is very funny.

The kid is in Kindergarten and the lunch lady is already and icon of sorts.

That got me thinking. What is it with the lunch lady? Why such star of jokes and legends? How did all of that get started? Was it a movie character that started it? Or a book? I'd really like to know.

And do you know what happens when you put "lunch lady" into google images? How about this...
Okay. So why are so many of the lunch ladies fat, mole infested, redheads?

The other thing that comes up alot with redheads are the old time pin-up models.

You know, it makes an odd kind of sense. See, I started out one of those pin-up models....and then after 20 years and three kids....morphed into the lunch lady. What the??????

Another one of lifes mysteries.....


  1. I am so glad that MM is doing so well!!
    you are NOT a "lunch lady" but that was so funny. :)

  2. At least it sounds like she had a good day!

  3. This cracked me up!

    We actually had nice lunch ladies when I was in school, but at Bee's school they're mean. So I guess it's a stereotype that maybe has some basis in truth. Kind of like gym teachers?

  4. You were a very brave mama to let her take the bus by herself! I'm so glad she made it ok - even if there was a minor detour....

  5. I remember riding the bus the two years I went to school. What is it that is so attractive about that giant yellow shuttle? I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and now my 3 year old points in awe at every one we see.
    I'm glad she enjoyed her first day.

  6. I'm glad MM did so well! As for the lunch ladies... it's so totally the hairnets. Yowza!

  7. You are too funny! :) I ran into your blog doing a look up for "lunch lady" (don't ask why!) and "walla!"... I get your lovely blog!

  8. LOL...just found your blog. Your family adventures remind me of my own...Life is never dull....God sees to that.

  9. That is so funny! I hope you are doing well in Ohio. It is great she seemed to like school!