Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It is Done

Our stuff has actually already arrived in Ohio.

The house is cleaned and empty.

Today we will spend on the road to Arkansas. We are stopping to see grandma on the way. We will only be staying for one full day.

Thursday its on to our new home. Friday we will take possession of our new dwelling. YUCK! But that's a whole nother post.

Coveting travel mercies this week!!

And big hugs and kisses go out to Denny, Darlene and Kelly for driving all the way to Waco Saturday and taking us to dinner and spending a last evening with us. We will miss you guys! And Ditto out to Sara and Dianna for doing the same on Sunday! Those two unexpected visits were great gifts.....we were too busy enjoying you guys to get down and out about leaving.

We will miss you guys Waco!


  1. I love how kids can have so much fun running around an empty house. God bless you with safety as you travel and get settled into your new home. I still miss you, dear friend, as if you moved from here yesterday instead of a few years ago. Hugs.

  2. Safe travels! And those photos absolutely brought back memories of my many childhood moves.