Friday, August 7, 2009

A Tale of Two Sisters...

OK... so really its just a snapshot of Mighty Mouses bestest friend and baby sister. Miss them much!

Hope to do a catch-up post soon...but right now we are being moved out of our hotel room into a new one......ADVICE: Do not stay at a hotel that opened the same week you arrive. The bugs are not worked out yet.


  1. Love your blog. Saw it on Amy's Clothesline Alley. I am a military wife, too. My husband was Army and Air Force both (enlisted) and is now retired, but we will always miss the military. We live 3 hours from a base.

    Our oldest son, 22, just joined the Air Force. I empathize with you sending off your son! Ours has been on his own for almost 2 years, though, and 2 years of college before that. The younger son is in his 3rd year of college.

    So, this fall -- back to the semi-empty nest. Younger son goes to college where his brother and father did -- only 28 miles away, Thank God.

    Now, we will be military parents. Our son will be a linguist. Blessings. I'll have to read your site more!

  2. And I hope by bugs, you don't mean the ones with multiple legs:)

  3. Glad to hear from you! I hope things calm down, and you all get settled soon.

    That picture is adorable.