Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Joining my friend Tricia in a focus on what I'm thankful for.... Click on her button and join her also!

I am thankful that tomorrow I will head out with six of my girlfriends for a weekend at the lake. A girlfriend overnight x2! Baby M will be joining us (mommy is her only food source currently), but otherwise we will also be kid free. God is good!!!!

Air conditioning.

Showers - yes I say a prayer of thanks almost 100% of the time I take a shower. That brilliance can only come from God.

A healthy family.

Getting in touch with old friends - and finding out they are going through the same cancer issues our family just went through. Being able to just say "I know", and getting a chance to say goodbye to a very large presence from my childhood. Only God could have orchestrated the timing on this one.

Fresh, organic food from our gardens. And the friends and knowledge from my mentors on this endeavor. But really, enough with the zucchini! LOL! (And did you know that Chocolate zucchini cake is really good?)

I am thankful that God is going to make sure my house sells - before we loose all we have and our credit too. I should also be thankful for lessons in patience...but sorry, I'm just not there yet.

Books and the ability to read.

I am thankful for a great youth program at church. I'm so going to miss it....and I'm sure Songbird is too.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Congrats on your girls weekend. Have tons of fun. :)

  2. I'm thankful for your offers to give me some rest. You are so kind. Husband gets a break starting next week, which means I get one too. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Have fun on your trip! And I think chocolate zuchinni cake sounds divine.