Friday, June 12, 2009

Autumn Asks: Are you living a smelly nightmare???


Okay, so its not as bad as it could be....but COME ON!

One thing I will not miss about Texas is the skunks.

Yes, everywhere has skunks. I know that. But, for some reason, the has been the skunk season to beat all skunk seasons here in Texas.

As soon as spring started, we got bombarded. You couldn't drive more than 600 yards without passing yet another skunk bomb on the side of the road. It was crazy awful. You hadn't even caught your breath from the last assault before your nose was tortured again.

Some days the girls would just sit in the back seat and cry. Okay, so it was a whiny, fake cry, but still. If I was looking for a way to torture my children, I couldn't have found a better one. All we had to do was step foot in the car. And we are talking with the outside vents closed....not open. With them open we would have just run off the road and crashed.
Even DH is complaining and howling at the insults to our noses this year. WHAT IS IT??? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY SKUNKS????? -- Not a new rock song - just a bellow from the old man.

Many times we were afraid we smelled by the time we arrived at our destination. I mean, how could you drive in that for so far and not smell like it??? I guess we never noticed if anyone gave us strange looks.....probably because our eyes were still streaming from the relentless insults...and they drove through the same thing and couldn't smell either. Or smell too.

I never would have guessed I'd end up blogging about skunk stink. But yes, that is how prevalent it has become in my life. An every car ride thing.

I have no idea what makes this a banner year. One thing I do worry about though is rabies. Aren't skunks rabies carriers??? Does this mean we are in for a banner rabies summer also??? Okay friends, keep your dogs close.

So I went online to find some funny pictures on skunks for this post, and got a whole new education. So, being the helpful person I am, I thought I'd better share some new knowledge.

1. DO NOT let your 2nd grader do a report on skunks. Why not? Because when you type in skunk in google images, you get more hits/pictures of skunk weed than the animal. Are you ready to explain killer skunk weed??? If you are in California, you can just tell the little angel it's medicine......but around here that doesn't fly.

2. Skunks are cute. Why they are cute I don't understand, but they are. So it is very hard to have pictures of evil skunks when you talk bad about them....because they really are adorable. Tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor. NOT FUNNY.
3. There are people that like skunks. To the tune of living with 2 dozen of them in their house, or making little clothes for them. If there is not already a disorder name for this....we need one. Any ideas?
4. Some people think skunk looks good. Like fashionable. Okay - so if you look like or are a make EVERYTHING look good. The majority of us are not going to pull this off.
5. There is such thing as a skunk car.....
but thankfully, not a skunk recipe.
6. There are no scary pictures of skunks or B rate horror movies I could find. This is as scary as it gets....

So there you are. You know you feel smarter for it.

Oh - and before I forget -- I have two new friends on my link list. One is a natural homemade soap site (review coming soon) and the other is a young lady that I am proud to call part of my family...Living the Life of a Teenaged Girl. Stop by and say hello to them if you have time!


  1. I found this skunk post quite refreshing actually... like a breath of spring air. Oh wait... did I forget to mention that a skunk recently died somewhere in the wooded area of our neighborhood? Because it did.

  2. Oh yes, I think you will be needing the soap after all this talk about skunks!! P-U!

  3. Nice post!
    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!

  4. We have skunks living in and around our yard a few times. Yes, the smell is bad. However, when we have them, we don't have yellow jackets or Japanese Beetles. It's a trade off!

  5. I don't like the smell of skunks, but it doesn't really bother me. Maybe b/c I grew up in Texas. Having a skunk as a pet is really pushing it. GROSS. And I agree, some skunks are a bit cute! Esp. the babies.