Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Birthday Week.... With Bird Poo

Last week was my middle child's 14th Birthday.

She will be entering High School in the fall. High School. My daughter.

I'm so not ready for this. I made it through her big brother....but not before yanking his skinny butt out of public school and finishing him up homeschooled.

Shudder. Shudder.

On a positive note...the kids here have to take the dreaded TAKS tests every year. Now every state we have lived in has its testing that is a big deal. But I have NEVER lived anywhere that makes as big of a deal of it as here. Of course we have schools that have failed their percentage required of passes, and actually are on probation, and one is even being closed. Yep. If you don't have good scores, they will close the school.

Anyways. My Songbird actually made perfect scores on her History and English TAKS. We are very proud of her. And she did fine on her math....which is the thorn in the poor girls side. Next year she won't have to worry about any of this and will be back in a sane state that hopefully teaches to more than just a test.

So, where was I?

We did our usual birthday celebration. Songbird chose home-made meatball subs and German Chocolate Cake w/vanilla ice cream. In other words -- I spent the full day in the kitchen, cooking.

It was crazy good. Bones and his girlfriend came over to celebrate with us. Also, Songbird had 3 friends over all day and for an overnight. Quietest sleepover I've ever seen. Teen girls, computers, video games and cell phones. They all did their own thing on an electronic device and didn't hardly interface with each other. Weird. Of course Songbird had to use her friends phones to text as she doesn't have texting (evil laugh inserted here).

The next morning we all got up early so we could head out to Round Rock TX to the outlet malls for shopping. Yes. What my 14 year old wanted was to go shopping with her buds. Shopping isn't that great here so I offered to take them to Round Rock. I also was able to find a babysitter for MM so I could wander around on my own and enjoy being alone. But that was not to be. DH took the day off and wanted to come with that means MM also came.

In the end it was a good thing. I got pooed on y'all! And yes, it was hysterical. Right on the back of my head. I felt it and asked husband "Did I just get hit?????" So he looks and then starts laughing in that "I can't believe this" tone....which turned all of a sudden into sheer terror.

The man had just realized that he was going to have to help clean me up. I got it on the back of my head where I could not see. At all. So then the panic sets in. No kidding.

A man that has been through two labor and deliveries with me is freakin out over bird poo.

THAT was even funnier than getting pooed on people.

So we walk back to the bathrooms and I'm having a real hard time keeping a straight face. Not because I'm afraid everyone is looking at my orange head with a big white poo on it. No. Because my husband is all squirmy and grossed out.

But he cleaned me up...making many faces and not being very gracious about it. And it wasn't even that big guys.

I think he's scarred.

Not the least squimish about shooting off all his guns and wanting to hunt.....but lets not talk about bird poo.

Eeewww. He might get his hands dirty.

Well. It could have been worse. It could have been his truck.

You know, if he reads this, he's going to kill me.


  1. That was great. And happy birthday to Songbird too! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it.

  2. Happy birthday Songbird!

    I read somewhere that if a bird plops on you, you'll have good luck all year. I find those old wives' tales very entertaining.

  3. Happy Birthday, Middle Child! And did I ever tell you that the Tongginator actually ate bird poop? Yep. When she was about 20 months old.

  4. Oh, how funny! Husbands are always great for entertainment, aren't they?
    Happy birthday to Songbird. Highschool... wow.