Monday, March 30, 2009

Autumn Asks: What do you like about yourself?

While cruising through some of the blogs listed on the blog party last week, I came across a post on 50 Things I Like About Myself on a blog called To Think Is To Create. The author notes that this is a good way to help yourself feel a little bit positive about yourself on a bad day. As the mother of 3 boys...all with autism, I can see how she might need a little positive reinforcement at times. Now that is a big job!

Anyway! I wasn't sure if I could come up with 50 things I like about myself...but I gave it a shot. Here's what I got...

1. I have a sense of humor. Okay, maybe its a little off or twisted...but I've sure got one. And it has served me well through tough times and crazy family.

2. I'm straight forward. You ask, I'll answer. I'll try to have a little class and not be rude, but sometimes I fail on that level. It's a work in progress.

3. To the point. Not the same as above. Ask a question and you will probably get a 3 word answer. If you are looking for long explanations or stories you've come to the wrong place. Yes and No are answers. a story.

4. I am level headed. But that can also come off as being cold. You give me bad news and you will get brainstorming on what needs to be done. Emotion comes after the thinking.

5. I love children.

6. I love teens even better.

7. I love taking pictures. Just wish I was better at it.

8. I am a hard worker. When I work (snicker).

9. I love to give. A meal. A small gift. Time to a friend. A helping hand.

10. I'm married to the only person I want to spend every day of the rest of my life with.

11. I'm almost always on time... or better yet, early. (This makes me freakish to others.)

12. I like having red hair and blue eyes. Too bad I've buried them under 40 extra pounds of face.

13. I like being one of God's own.

14. Fingernails. Strange answer, but I've got genetics that cause nails to die for.

15. I like that I am a SAHM.

16. I like that I am always reading and learning something new.

17. I like doing things with my hands and creating.

18. I like my relationships with my mother and sister.

19. I like that I have been able to travel all my life.

20. I like that I have a husband that likes to travel also and wants to travel with me.

21. I like that I have friends all over the states and overseas also.

22. I like that family time and simple entertaining makes me happier than money and things.

23. I like that I have been able to refrain from taking a baseball bat to my husbands knees in order to get him grounded from flying and doing desert rotations.

24. I like the fact that my family tree is full of career military and vets that have served their country proudly.

25. But, I also like that I talked my son out of serving in today's military.

26. I like the outdoors more than I like shopping.

27. I like that I started a mother/daughter book club and learned lots of new things about my daughter.

28. I like that I do not have a closet full of shoes. Sorry - I just don't get that.

29. I like that I don't have a single tv show I have to watch. (Like internet addiction is better, right?)

30. I like that I can live within a budget and know how to save money.

31. I am not a perfectionist. Frees me up to do things and not over stress the outcome. And because of this...

32. I very rarely suffer from guilt....especially the dreaded mommy guilt.

33. I like that when I get angry, it is short-lived.

34. I'm raising my kids in a comfortable home, not a house I'm afraid they will mess up. (My grandmother and great-grandmother were that way.)

35. I like that I can stand up to family members that talk dirty or sexual around my girls. NOT acceptable. I am raising ladies.

36. I like that I can focus on raising my kids to be responsible, God fearing adults instead of being their friend.

37. I like that I can say no to my kids.

38. I like that I can so no to over scheduling outside interests. (Without the guilt)

39. I like that I've managed to stay out of the hospital, with the exception of child birth.

40. I like being an adoptive parent.

41. I like that I made it through the first teenager without killing him.

42. I like that I can cook. (HATE cleaning though)

43. I like that I can be organized if I want to be.

44. I like having the ability not to feel slighted or hurt by the little things that upset so many other women. Yet I can walk away from the abusive or unhealthy relationships and not feel guilty. Life is just too short.

45. I like being the helper. Not the boss...the helping hand of the boss. I'm not a dynamic leader, but I love helping the dynamic leader with the things that slow them down.

46. I like playing the radio/cd way too loud when the kids aren't in the car....while listening to music that I wouldn't listen too if the kids were in the car.

47. I love that I come from families that still don't believe in divorce.

48. I love that a cup of hot tea and a book are all it takes for a peaceful morning/noon/night.

49. I love that I don't have to be entertained by others.

50 I love that I made it through this list of 50 even though I never thought I would and it took hours to think of all of these.

If you read this consider yourself tagged. I want to know what you like about yourself. And let me know so I can read it! But, unless you are just obsessive like I am, you can keep it to 10!


  1. Good for you. Thats a great list

  2. Love your blog. So many of your things would make my list, too! I'm going to put you in my google reader. "I like that I can sometimes keep up with my google reader."

  3. I enjoyed reading this. I may be too chicken to give it a try. :)