Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Autumn Asks: So How Have I Been Doing On My Decision To Make Use Of My Sewing Machine?

I'll show you.

I was unhappy with the first monk bag I did so I tried again. I needed two new bags anyways. This one I didn't make bigger so I am happier with the size. But, I somehow lost a whole page of directions, so the handle wasn't completed correctly. Guess I could just run a stitch through it so it would remain folded...but its soft and comfortable this way so I left it. Still, I considered it a mostly fail as it wasn't done right and doesn't have the nice finished look of the other one.

Next project was a laptop sleeve for my new laptop. The one we had didn't fit it and I wanted to be able to throw it in my bag without carrying the whole laptop bag bulk. I used a free pattern off the internet and added a zipper in the end. First one turned out too small because I didn't factor in the thickness of the computer right. So I ended up with a matching accessory bag for my mouse, mouse pad and cords.
For the padding I used an old furniture pad from the garage. I don't like it. Wish I had just bought something with a smoother texture. So again, I consider this project a partial fail. It works and I use it, but I wish I had used another type of padding. And I had a hard time with the zipper since I was going by the seat of my pants putting it in with no instructions....and I know I haven't sewn with a zipper since like 7th grade. (And yes, I am one of those geeks that leaves the factory protection on my computer top until it starts to fall off....drives my husband nuts.)
Next I tried a pair of reversible baby shoes. I was making them for a gift but they didn't come out nice enough. They are not hard, but you have to be very careful not to get pleats in the toes when you are finishing them up. Since I ended up with a pleat in each toe, I didn't wait to use them as a gift, I just gave them to my friend. I will definitely make more of these. They take almost no fabric, almost no time and are rather easy once you do a trial run and get the feel for it. Seriously, its about a 30 minute project and they are so CUTE!!

And the last project I did...and could hardly wait to show off (I'm being a terrible braggart here!!):
A friends baby gift!! My first ever quit. Free pattern off the internet. And it has a cool addition to the backing also.
When I saw the pattern I loved it. I used the stacking coin design all around the outside of Mighty Mouses 100 Good Wishes Quilt in a much smaller scale and thought it was the coolest. When I saw this larger version and it promised it could be whipped up in two days....I knew I had to try. So I called my mother and asked her if I showed up with a crib sized quilt top and bottom could she teach me how to finish it. She said yes. And this is what I came home with.

Then I had to wait for the shower before I could share! It was hard because I love it so much!

I have three more projects sitting in my bookcase right now. One is a jumper dress for Mighty Mouse that I can't wait to do.

And there it is. I'm doing it!


  1. Your projects look great. And I would love to have the pattern for the baby shoes. It seems there are so many baby showers right now. And I never seem to have the time to create something really cute. Or the money to buy it.

  2. You are so talented. I got my first sewing machine for Christmas this year and I am having an aweful time with it. I am trying to make a purse and it is taking me forever. I'm a little discouraged because I didn't think it would take me this long.
    I guess it isn't the machine I am having problems with it is figuring out the patterns. Hopefully I get it done someday.

    All of your projects turned out beautiful. I love the baby shoes!

  3. you're doing great! I am so impressed!

  4. Good mercy! I couldn't get that much done in two years, let along two days.

  5. How inspiring! I love to sew, and hardly ever do. (Soaping takes up all my time.) Those baby shoes are adorable!!!! And the quilt turned out fabulous as well. Great detail on the back!

  6. Love your stuff!!! Esp. the baby stuff...hmmm? Wonder why? :)

  7. You're doing a great job on your sewing projects.
    And you should be super proud of that adorable quilt!! I think your projects ALL came out great but we are our own worst critics!!
    Keep up the great work.