Friday, March 20, 2009

Autumn Asks: Is there a technical name for the fear of fundraising?

I need to know...because I've got it. Bad. Really bad.

Fundraisers give me nightmares. They make me break out in a sweat...and I don't sweat. (Which I now know is because I'm always dehydrated.)

I really think there should be a technical term for this. I tried to find it, but I didn't. Now there are technical names for the fear of sourness, chickens, garlic, OPINIONS (!), looking up, flutes, body smells, constipation, teenagers, chins, being infested by worms, cooking, clouds, figure 8's, bald people, and the great mole rat. But no name for fundraisers??? Please. They write books on this. Check Amazon...I bet there are 100 hits.

Anyway. Back to fundraisers.

I would rather suffer bodily harm than do a fundraiser. Not kidding.

Just ask my daughter...the Girl Scout. The Girl Scout that I never help sell cookies. Ever. Oh, and did I mention how many years I was the co-leader of her troop?? Thank goodness she has a good daddy that is willing to help her out. I wouldn't even touch the paperwork for that stuff.

Then there are all of the horrid school fundraisers you get stuck with. My poor kids. Mom would not play. I might order something so they aren't the only child in the whole wide state that had zero orders. But if they gave out prizes for least kids would RULE!!!

And now its also Choir. Luckily they sell poinsettia's right before Christmas...a pretty easy deal. But who has to go pick all that crap up??? And who doesn't even want to??

So now I have been moved into a whole new level of fundraising. Fundraising for mission trips. Uh huh. These make the others look like small fries. Because you know they are going to go somewhere far away. With a plane ticket involved.

You would think that the fact that these fundraisers will help me dig out from under the current $700 trip price would really change my mind and get me motivated to get the kid selling, right? Not so. I just want to puke several times a day or whenever its brought up. Because I know I'm paying for the whole thing. And its ALOT of money. That we really need to put elsewhere. Yep, so much for paying off that bill this year.

Giving up Coca-Cola and the beginning of fundraising for a $700 trip, all in the same month.

Kill me now.

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  1. I am with you! I hate them too. I usually just pay our price and forget about doing them. It is worth it to me.