Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Round Top Picture Post

I'm still addicted to my 35mm camera. Yes, the digital is fun, but it just doesn't feel the same. Whatever that means.

Anyways...a sample of my strange picture taking....

I wish this one came out better. The sunlight streaming through this whole display of purple glass was really neat. I should have waited until the sun was down a little more and it wasn't so bright so the purple would have come through more.

It's always fun to see the ways the vendors will throw different pieces together to attract attention.

You probably wouldn't guess this one on your own. It's a table full of those wooden molds. I think they were mostly used for cookies and maybe breads. My mom has a neat one she brought home from Holland. She hung it in the kitchen and it looks neat. When I go back I want to find a couple of cool ones and copy her.

The strange booth. You have to have them. Yes, she was selling old, dirty, doll heads. It was kinda creepy. I mean really, take a minute and concentrate on a few of them. Disturbing, no? And better yet...how about a Chandelier full of doll heads??

And finally, part of my haul. I love green.


  1. the doll heads are incredibly creepy, but kinda interesting too...

  2. Great pics. Wow I might have bad dreams tonight after seeing small doll heads used in a chandelier!

  3. I've seen ads for Round Top in Country Living--it looks like so much fun!

    That chandelier is bizarre--wonder what she was charging for it?!