Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn asks: Is it time for a rant???

I think it is. Be warned. You might just want to pass this post by and not read any farther.

This all starts as I am reading my all time favorite blog. She knows who she is. And she had a bad day that ended in a speeding ticket. Man, that stinks. So I went to leave her a comment on how sorry I was about her bad day and how I did the same thing once.....and while passing through the comments to get to the link, I read them.

I was completely shocked. Of course I foolishly assumed that most of the other women reading this blog were Christian as the blog has a Christian slant. So yes, I was really shocked.

You would not believe the name calling and angry words toward the officer that was doing exactly what he is paid to do. There was even a comment on how the officer's wife would not approve or something to that extent.


I want to make it clear that the blog entry did not do this - it was the comments. At no time did the original poster imply that the cop actually did something wrong. We are clear on that, right? This post has NOTHING to do with my friend.


So, this has bothered me for days. Really. So I had to ask myself, why is this bothering you so much? It isn't even about you nor does it have anything to do with you at all.

But it does.


Because there is one situation in life when I loath other women - and those comments explain it all!

Elementary school driving moms.

Why is it that women picking up kids at elementary schools (Jr High and High School I never had this problem at) are so horrible?

Why do women think the law or rules no longer apply to them when they become a mom? And manners are no longer required???

Why should moms not get speeding tickets if they are speeding to pick up a child they forgot was getting out of school early? Or speeding to pick up from daycare before the penalty for being late kicks in?

Get this. At an elementary school that my son and one daughter attended, a mother rammed other cars to get out of the place she was boxed into because she didn't want to wait (following the set pattern). She enrolled her child in another school and never came back - probably a very good thing. Of course the school turned her name over to the police and justice was served...but SERIOUSLY!!!

Why does picking up kids at an elementary school make women rude? I mean very rude. No rules apply to them. Driving by the school on your way home (if you don't have a kid there) becomes a scary event in your day. People park in clearly marked no parking places or on curbs that leave other drivers blind and taking a risk to pull out and clear the lot.


I used to shudder every time I passed these schools and saw the crazy ladies. And now that MM has speech 2x a week I see it on Mondays. Her appointment is at 3pm so the pre-k and kindergarten moms are there to pick up their kids.

I have to drive into the exit only side of the parking lot to even go in and park. Every time. Flashbacks. And next year MM starts in on this. BUT, I will not drive. Can you say BUS. I won't deal with these crazy people. And yes, it is almost 100% women. Not men. Anyways, I'll be canceling our Monday sessions this week because nothing is worth that.

Are you ready for the excuses that will be used?

1. My child will be afraid if I'm late.

Yes, if you think they will, they probably will (you know your child better than anyone). I have a child with a spirit of fear so I understand this. I have sped in this situation. I WOULD NOT call the officer names for not letting me off if I was pulled over. I broke the rules, I pay the price. THAT is the way it is designed, for a reason.

2. My school does not have a large enough parking lot.

And so? Where in the Constitution are you promised a large school parking lot? What? You aren't? No kidding? And if they have land to expand, either they haven't hit you in the tax pocketbook yet(do you vote to increase your school taxes at election time?), or they are saving up for what it cost to pave a parking lot. It's huge.

3. The way pick-up is designed at my school is stupid.

I've seen good, and I've seen really, really bad all over the states. If you don't like it, this is America, propose a new way, go to the school board meetings and get involved. You do not have a right to terrorize a neighborhood because you don't like the set up. You need a ticket. You probably even need to loose your license.

4. You don't understand.....

No, I probably understand exactly. It probably sounds something like
-the baby won't sleep through the night so I'm sleep deprived
-2 kids have the flu
-the washer flooded the basement
-we are going to be late for a doctor appointment
-someone has some kind of sports practice right after school on the other side of town..and you are out of gas
-I need to get home and start dinner so it will be on the table by the time DH gets home
-we have company coming and the house is a mess


WE ALL HAVE THAT LIFE. It does not make us exempt from manners, social skills or laws and rules.

Here's the real kicker. These women will scream up and down they are taking care of /protecting their kids. But what about all the kids they put in danger with their rule breaking? What? They don't count?

We lived in a neighborhood that I felt completely safe letting my older two walk home in, EXCEPT for the fear of one of the elementary moms running them down. That is not a joke. They even ran the stop signs on my block almost every day. And not just one of them.

My disclaimer: Not all mothers are like this. But. There are more of the crazy ladies than there are of the rule following, keep all kids safe kind of moms. At least at the schools I've had my kids in so far. And they have been very, very good schools.

For moms that don't have their kids in school yet...please be prepared. I hope for all of your sake that you end up at that school that does everything smoothly, has plenty of parking lot room and the mom's with manners far outweigh the ones without.

And by the way, these same ladies that can be satan incarnate behind the wheel, are usually very pleasant when removed from said vehicle - I haven't figured that out yet. It's a total Jeckle and Hyde thing.

And before you guys start hitching up your pants, sticking your thumbs in your belt loops and elbowing each other...I could so outdo this post if I started talking about men drivers. Not around schools...but everywhere else. And if you doubt that, just take a look at how much more typical men drivers pay in insurance that typical women drivers. The insurance stats don't lie.

Be safe mom's. Your kids are watching.


  1. Are you sure you don't want to homeschool??*G*

    I'd probably be in jail if I had to contend with the school set these days!


  2. OMG. I have heard about CS's elem. pick up, and I am NOT looking forward to next year!!!! And, the last picture is absolutely adorable, and unfortunately, so me! I admit, I am directionally challenged.