Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn asks: Am I the only one....

We met DH at the library after work/school today. It closes at 6pm so I made a picnic dinner to eat at a park. Came up with a cool recipe for a meat/veggie filling that I baked inside dough (think Hot Pocket) and then just timed them to come out of the oven right before the girls and I left, wrapped them in foil to keep them warm and off we went.

We ate at a playground by the river. The girls played for a bit afterwards and then we took a family walk by the river. Weather was great. Might Mouse didn't eat her orange before she went to play so I put it away.

So we go to get in the car to go home and MM wants her orange. I tell her she can have it as soon as we get home - but she couldn't eat it in the car so she would have to wait.

Big mistake. But it is not negotiable. I'm not having orange juice and stain in the van.

So begins the ride home with a child that will not take no for an answer. You also can't tell her to be quiet or drop something...it just makes her complain/cry worse. You can not threaten, sweet talk or bribe her to shut up or give it up.

So the screaming starts.

So here is how mean of a parent I am. First, she gets a warning that if she doesn't stop it I will turn my music on.

Doesn't work.

So I switch it to front speakers only and TURN IT UP. She gets madder, and increased volume. Ditto for mom. And this goes on until she is screaming like you would not believe this tiny thing can scream. And I'm listening to the music at a level I haven't enjoyed since Jr. High.

But I win. Except I'm paranoid at stoplights. The booming cars have nothing on me. Get lots of strange looks. I always cross my fingers that there isn't a cop at the intersection. I can see explaining a noise pollution ticket to my husband....

We arrive at home and Songbird stumbles out of the car and runs away. DH wants to know how this happened since everything was fine as we were leaving the park. MM continues to scream non-stop.

I peel the orange and she eats. She's now been warned by dad that a repeat offense will result in going to her room with the door closed. She finished the orange and starts screaming again. She doesn't ASK for another orange, which is what she wants, just starts screaming.

DH puts her in her room. Now we have a 20 minute struggle to keep her there (she has extreme fear issues so its a creative dance on our part).

And then it crashes in the living room floor.

Thank you God.

Good night you little monster.

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