Saturday, October 11, 2008

Autumn asks: Have you ever been worthy of the Worst Mother of the Year Award?

I am the winner of the Worst Mother of the Year award today. I have been a bad mom to both girls. Get your phones ready to call it in. It's not pretty.

Last night Mighty Mouse and I were alone as Songbird and DH went on an all night fun fest with the youth group at church. I think they did pizza, bowling, movies and skating. MM fell asleep on the couch in her clothes because I was doing my own little movie fest...
Yep... a monster movie night. Vintage 1968.Complete with girl falling out of her shirt. Really! There must have been duct tape in most of those scenes cause NOBODY'S shirt shows that much...all smooshed together. Did they have duct tape in 1968?The giant crab thing that fights the giant scorpion. The one eyed- octopus. Well, he was more interesting than the killer seaweed.

Also, Made of Honor was not too bad. But please! She would not have left the Scottish Duke.

Anyways, youngest child was put to bed in her clothes. At about 8am Songbird and her daddy crawled in. Songbird went to bed knowing that she could only have a 2 hour nap because she had Girl Scouts at 11:00am.

Now, this kind of relates to the Overwhelmed post. We are smack in the middle of a life lesson for Songbird. I'm trying to teach her not to over-schedule herself and why. So I wake her up at 10:00. She cried. She wailed. She was awful. The drama gene was in full swing.

So I told her fine - go back to bed.

She got quiet. I peeked to make sure she hadn't fallen asleep on the spot...but she was just sulking. No more tears and drama but serious pouting and ugly, ugly face. So she decided she needed to go to her meeting but she wasn't going to be graceful about it or anything.

About this time DH fell out and crashed. I had planned on leaving Mighty Mouse home with him while I ran Songbird out to her meeting. She is scampering around the yesterday's clothes still.

At the last minute I decide I had better take MM with me because DH is sleeping so hard and I don't want to come home between drop-off and pick-up of Songbird. Two hours is a long time to leave a 4 year old with a sleeping parent. So she gets thrown in the car...IN YESTERDAYS CLOTHES. Yes, I took my poor child out in public in the same clothes (unwashed) two days in a row. That is beyond gross. gets better.

So my older child is still putting on the "poor me" show. She's now crying about how she won't be able to stay awake during the meeting. Hey, I told her to go back to bed - want does she want from me????

Some caffeine is in order. I pulled into the corner store and bought her a Dr. Pepper........

....and No-Doz.


I gave a 13 year old No-Doz.

And I dropped her off at scouts...with a quick warning to her leader. (Oh my and look at her face she says). I also assure her leader that I am staying in town so if it gets too ugly for words to call me and I'd come get my little sleepy headed monster. But, when I returned to pick her up she was knee deep in participating and doing just fine. So hopefully I won't be in jail long.

So there you have it.

Bad, bad mother.


  1. I think not bad, just overwhelmed- as stated in your previous entry. Hang in there. And, I am sorry to hear you are having to watch scary movies again. I will continue praying for you and the fam.

  2. That is *just* horrible, lol. I've never had the need to give one of mine a no-doz but I have shared my rescue remedy with my daughters when they need a break.

    I will say this, my 15yo son came home in a squad car a few weekends ago. He and his buddies were throwing eggs at houses. in. broad. daylight. morons.

    I've been enjoying your blog, I'm new.


  3. Welcome Molly! I'm glad to have a new friend.

    Egging houses in broad daylight?


    Gotta love boys.