Thursday, August 21, 2008

Autumn asks: Why do we allow so many mandatory shots????

Why? Because if we didn't the "at risk" population (those that don't have health insurance or are just flat uneducated, or illegal, or poor, etc.) would make us all sick if the government didn't force this crap into our bodies. That's the reasoning anyways. I'm not convinced.

Is Autumn anti-vaccine? Well, lets see, she has worked for several different doctors that won't let their own children be vaccinated. She has a good friend with a son that has vaccine induced autism. She has known of military members that have had anthrax and other crap forced on them and end up in the hospital or disabled from that point forward.

ANYWAYS! Mighty Mouse was due for her 4 year shots. I don't like it, but as a military dependent there really isn't a whole lot you can do about it...especially if you ever get overseas orders. So I was prepared for the 5 shots she was supposed to have, that I had put off until after our vacations. I also am one to ask that she be given the shots "unbundled" to avoid their hidden mercury. (There seems to be no escaping the aluminum.)

45 minutes after our set appointment time we are called back. Hmm...turns out she needs 7 shots, not just 5. WHAT? Are you kidding me? And to make a long story short, after some back and forth with the doctor, I allowed 4 of the shots and will return at later dates for the others.

So now I have a kid with a raging fever...that HATES medicine and will not take the Motrin or Tylenol. I hate those meds too, but they are the lesser evil in this case.

Add to that seeing a friend last night that asks me about the HPV shot and whether Songbird has had it. Not just NO but ... well you get the picture. I fought the ped on that one too. PEOPLE, just do an internet search! DEATH, blindness, all kinds of neurological effects - they are listed at the CDC site. This shot is full of aluminum, which crosses the blood/brian barrier! But what about all the 5 years of studies? Oh, the ones done by the company producing the vaccine and NOT TESTED ON CHILDREN? Also, the death stats on the cancer in question are almost non-existent in developed countries unless the person does not get their routine pap.

Moving on.

My real purpose of this post, after 2 miserable days with a sick 4 year old that can not be comforted, is to tell you about a book I recommend. The book is called "Sweet Deception". It is actually about artifical sweetners, but that is not what I want you to get out of this. The book explains WHO pays the FDA, the processes our FDA goes through to approve meds and food substitutes or genetically engineered foods, etc. EVERYBODY should know this. Everything changed in the 1980's when they wanted to push through the AIDS drugs quicker to help more people. So their hearts were in the right place, but the method is shocking. Now the companies asking for the approval have to pay for it since there aren't enough government funds to support all the requests (maybe some of that money that is going to illegal immigrants could be funneled that direction????). Conflict of interest in the best case, biting the hand that feeds you if you deny a request. And guess where the studies come from? The people with the request. WHAT?

I got the book through intra-library loan. I recommend everyone get it and skim through it for all the parts on our FDA. It will educate you in a way you didn't know you needed to be educated in.

And now back to a whinning, crying four year old with an attitude.


  1. Good entry Autumn. Books about vaccinations are Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective by Neil Z. Miller and What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave. Both are very good and have been updated. Look up anything on Dr. Boyd Haley who is a mercury expert. There IS mercury in the "mercury free" vaccines, just not as much as there used to be (only live virus vaccines don't have it). They also added more aluminum to the vaccines. Aluminum makes the mercury even more toxic and the testosterone throws it off the charts. Girls don't get autism as often because estrogen is a chelator. Girls with autism usually have high testosterone. There is a lot more in vaccines that are bad besides these two things.
    Vaccines and the food industry are out there to make you sick and the pharmas keep you sick for profit. Once you start reading about it, the more sickening the whole issue becomes.
    OK, I think I'm done now. ;-)

  2. Well, one more thing..
    Populations that don't vaccinate, Amish, Jehovah's witnesses, and a clinic in Chicago, have no cases (except the couple of amish kids that were vaccinated) of autism.
    Makes you say hmmm..
    But the powers that be won't conduct studies comparing them to the regular population.
    And, the last numbers I have heard about autism, the military autism rates are 1:84. Sad.

  3. Listen to m5th everyone, she knows wence she speaks. But I'm plugging my ears and burying my head in the sand on the military part....

  4. Sorry Autumn!
    Too bad my mom and dad don't think I know anything.

  5. I'm really on the fence about vaccines. On one hand, I live in fear of my kids getting some horrible life-threatening disease, but I also live in fear of them suffering terrible side effects from vaccines. I thank God that nothing has happened so far, but I worry all the time about it. I will definitely check out that book you mentioned.

    Kids can't even go to public school unless they have all of these shots, so it makes it difficult for parents to make the decision for themselves. If they don't want to homeschool, they don't have any choice in the matter.

    I'm so sorry that Mighty Mouse is sick. I just DREAD taking my kids for their shots! I hope she feels better soon.

  6. Heather -

    Actually you do have choices with the shots and public school. They don't want you to know you have the choice but it is there. You have some paperwork you have to sign and stuff - and they won't give it up gracefully. But I admit, with my youngest, I am tired of the fight with the school.

  7. You need to get either a religious exemption or a philosophical one. Each state is different and they are not allowed to ask you why. The school my daughter was in didn't give me any problems. I just forgot to get the paper and they have to keep it for their records and the health dept.
    In your research on vaccines, you will find that rates of disease were decreasing rapidly before the vaccines came out because of hygiene. The graphs they show you don't show you the 50 years before vaccines. Big difference and very deceiving. When you read the books, you will find that polio went up after the vaccinations were used and that measles or mumps (can't remember which) actually protect girls from cervical cancer.
    Currently, many children in Africa are dying from the polio shot.
    Remember, everyone is making money off of your child having vaccines, the county, school, dr, etc.
    Just research and make a decision on what you feel you need. They certainly don't need all of them.
    Oh yeah, you can also have their titers checked before getting the vaccine to see if they already have immunity and then you don't have to get the booster.