Friday, August 8, 2008

Autumn asks: Are you in the middle of new schedules and school supplies?

Ah yes, it is schedule pick up day. These never go well for me. For some reason I have a very hard time getting along nicely with school systems.

Songbird was dying to get to the school and pick up her schedule this morning. We threw Mighty Mouse into the car and away we went. Of course we got there and they turned me away. We need proof of residency. Seriously? She was in half of 6th and all of 7th and you are going to withhold the schedule? My license isn't good enough???

Only 3 acceptable things: a current water bill, electric bill or voters registration. So what if you pay your bills ONLINE???? Have the company fax us something. Seriously????? So we make a trip home, after I say I won't come back. But I do. I found my voters registration (and I don't know why this would work but a license wouldn't as you could have moved with either).

So Songbird got her schedule. And it was wrong. Again. Just like last year. They like to give her electives she does not want. So that was another paper to fill out and sign. And once again she will have to stop in at the front office on the first day of school to pick up a new schedule. So WHAT is the point of picking up a schedule before school starts???

And we got her school supply list. It is rather long, but probably fairly average for most of the nation. Now last year was a different story. I guess me telling the principle in writing that his school supply list was "downright abusive" actually made an impression. They are much more reasonable this year. Although the disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer is a little over the top after the 6 boxes of tissue. At least they didn't throw in the printer paper this year. Really I should walk away from this subject right now as I could spend an hour (easy) ranting about last year.

So today will be a day of running errands for food for the empty fridge, school supplies and various other stuffs. Plus Songbird needs to meet with her scout leader on the Silver Award package since we will miss the Wednesday meeting because....

We are taking a small 3-4 day mini-FAMILY-vacation with daddy to....

Military get in free with up to 3 family members. And DH has to drive down to San Antonio anyways for his yearly flight physical. So I used the "since you didn't go on our family vacation, how about a trip to free SeaWorld since you are going to be down there anyways???" I think Mighty Mouse is going to love it.

So my wonderful husband has made reservations downtown at a nice hotel near the Riverwalk and we will be leaving here Monday and returning Thursday. How awesome is that? I can't believe I scammed 2 vacations in one year. That NEVER happens. And I was afraid that with the car repairs this would get canceled. Luckily the extended warantee kept that from being extremely was only moderately so.

Better get moving...I still have to catch up on laundry and a little house cleaning also!


  1. Welcome home and have a great trip. We LOVE Sea World! It is the best. Teachers get in free also - how about that! Also, here if we pay for 1 day the whole year is free, so that works out well. Much cheaper than the other theme parks.
    AL wants to see more pictures of MM.

  2. Have a really fun trip!! y'all definitely deserve some family time!