Saturday, August 9, 2008

Autumn asks: What is your favorite part of the Olympics?

Of course we watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics at our house. Mighty Mouse loves to see anything "China" and we love to show her the cool, positive stuff since there are always so many negative comments flying about on one subject or another.

The show was spectacular this year. How could it be anything but? What a job the Chinese have done. And no, I don't think an event that brings friendly competition of nations is the time or place for politics or protests. Just my opinion. Let the athletes compete and show us what they can do. These types of events help show the world our similarities instead of focusing on our differences.

ANYWAYS! What is your favorite part of the Olympics?

When I was a girl it would have been ice skating. Then it was womens gymnastics. As a teen the mens swimming and diving was rather nice. And all the gymnists take my breath away and confirm what an amazing thing the human body is. We are wonderfully and fearfully made.

But now, as an adult, my favorite has become the Parade of Nations. I love watching the participating countries parade into the stadium. I love seeing the different flags and getting a mini geography lesson from the commentators for those place seldom heard of. I love seeing the outfits that have been selected and are worn by the parade participants. And most of all I love seeing all the different faces, smiles, builds, hair styles, etc. The human race is awesome. And this is a mini glimpse of our world.


  1. 2 words...Michael Phelps!

    Did you see him swim tonight? He's simply amazing!

    I also love to watch the gymnastics. The gymnasts are so strong, it's unbelievable.

  2. I LOVE IT ALL!!! Like you, I love the parade of nations. I actually sit with a world map in front of me, no lie, to make sure I know where everything is. I got so tired when we lived overseas of people bad-mouthing Americans for being so poor in geography. I decided it wouldn't be me! :) I love the swimming, the gymnastics, the diving, the volleyball... all of it :) I'm glad to have a fellow olympic loving friend!

  3. Well, I love the opening ceremonies. I was just awe struck. I would love to get a copy of them. AL also asked to watch the drums again for 2 days. AL is also very into anything China. We watched skulling and she was cheering, "China, China" ha! I usually don't watch the sports but we have been watching gymnastics and swimming. Both have been very impressive. I was thrilled about the Chinese girls that won the gold, though they did look very young... Matt said the 20 year old was taken from her home at 3 and when she called to ask to come home they told her to stay because of status. That is so sad.
    I bet the closing ceremonies will be just as impressive. I can't wait!
    I am so glad we have Chinese connections here for her.