Friday, August 22, 2008

Autumn asks: Whats for dinner?

We emptied the freezer and are out of the planned meals we had. With having to pay off a bill for Bones and pay his half also on registration/tuition, grocery money is, well, more than a little low. So it was one of those...uuuhhhh, what can we have for dinner? Luckily the pantry came to the rescue, even though it is almost bare.

I fixed up a pot of mixed bean soup that I had the beans for. I added what veggies I could scrape up out of the fridge and the leftover pork chops from last night. Turned out really good. Also had some barley to throw in it. Too bad it wasn't a cold night...

Since soup is rarely something that is hearty enough for DH, I also made a batch of Green Chile and Cheese bread. I tweaked a normal recipe for the bread machine and let it go. Turned out great! I had 2 pieces -- so much for not eating any wheat.

We also had two banana's going bad so I found a recipe in my "to-try" folder for banana and coconut cake. I put it in a bundt pan and the other half in a bread pan. We followed-up dinner with the bread pan portion and I'll take the bundt to a cookout we are going to tomorrow.

So for having nothing to eat, we sure ate good tonight. Don't know why I was in such a cooky mood. But when you are down to being creative it always required much more real cooking anyways.

The only drawback is that my built-in dish washer is spending the night at a friends house.

I do so hate any kind of clean up in the kitchen.



  1. Ha, sounds like me. Having the days off of school for the tropical storm, I decided to get into my traditional foods book and start cooking. We made yogurt, ice cream, chicken and dumplings, chili, coconut keifer, cream cheese, pickles, kombucha, tortillas (with my tortilla maker/press)and i don't remember what else.
    I also cleaned the house and am now working on the pantry.
    I still need to put pictures away. Poor AL still doesn't have a photo album, I am soo far behind!
    M is starting Chinese class today. Wish I could remember some of it.

  2. How'd you get a picture of my kitchen? :) You sure whipped up a meal! My house tomorrow night? :)