Saturday, August 2, 2008

Autumn asks: Trouble comes in 3's, right?

Please don't let it be 4's!!

First, let me say that we are having a wonderful vacation. No joke. But the last 3 days have started with tragedies.

As we were leaving Kansas City the air went out in the van. But it's not all bad. There was still air in the back for the girls so they were pretty much fine. Not as cool as they are used to, but at least they had some air. I, on the other hand, baked all the way to Nebraska. Nice. And I can't get it in to the dealership until Monday so its been a long long weekend...and its not even over yet. But, it could be worse. Of course to complicate matters I am actually staying about 50 miles from Omaha in a small town so getting about is complicated. The friend I am staying with was lucky enough to break her leg the week before I she can't drive and help me drop off the car. And, she drives a stick, and I don't, so I can't borrow her unused car. Good eye-rolling stuff. For my praying friends, please pray that I get the car back in no more than a day...and it doesn't cost too much. This is NOT in the budget.

The next day we got the call that an aunt passed away. It took me by surprise as she was doing so well - she had heart surgery but was doing great. At the same time I have an uncle that had a organ transplant that was not doing well and I was half expecting a call on him. God works in mysterious ways. Please pray for my uncle (surviving my aunt) for grace and peace as he deals with all the arrangements for my aunt.

Then there was today. While I was in Omaha, the friend that I'm staying withs children had a bike pile-up and one of them ended up in the hospital with a cracked noggin (yes, she was wearing her helmet) and was transported to Children's in Omaha. We met them at the hospital and picked up the younger to take her back to her home where we are staying while my friend stays overnight at the hospital (with her broken leg that she is not supposed to put any pressure on). Both look like they are doing well and will probably be home tomorrow. Without a helmet this could have been a very different story. Please pray that all is well and they both get a decent nights sleep tonight.

For those who asked, we are just fine. Even with the bad it is still a good vacation. Songbird is spending the night at a friends tonight so we will pick her up when we pick up the other two ( hopefully). I'll post on the good after I've returned home.


  1. I'm sorry about all of that! I will be praying. Little M is missing MM!

  2. My goodness, girl. I'm so sorry. Definitely praying for some good and that you make it home in one piece :)