Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good Friends and Good Food...Does It Get Any Better?

I love being back. Every day there is some little thing that is like yet another "welcome home" moment. And it feels good.

My friends here were all talking about a book that they had been passing around. Have you seen this?
All the girls were talking about it, quoting it, or in a supper club based on the book. So, one of the girls let me borrow their copy and I read it and got caught up in their excitement.  A book about community and food and opening your home and heart to both.

At one Monday night get together, I mentioned it might be fun to do a cooking class. After all, there are 11 of us.... and there were things some of us knew how to do that others didn't. We could teach each other....and eat. LOL.

At that time I did not realize some of the ladies were already in a supper club based on the book. When I found out I dropped it. After all, we are all very busy moms. We already had family and the time we carve out for each other.

But others didn't let me drop it.  And in the blink of an eye one of our talented organizers was gathering information to get this thing started.

So we had our first cooking class this month. It wasn't the plan. We were aiming for starting after the school year started.

But darned if a very important thing didn't happen early August.
See, I also had ulterior motives. It was about to be Hatch Green Chili time! So I had already conned one of my friends into letting me use their kitchen and freezer space if we weren't in a home when it was time.

It came early but I volunteered to teach how to roast green chili to use or freeze for later use.  Plus cook a bunch of my favorites to share.

Since cooking class was a go, I also put together everyone a binder to put their recipes/instructions in. Also I wanted a place for all the recipes we were always wanting from each other after trips and get togethers. That stack was already growing and this gives it all a place I can find them all easily.

So a bunch of us got together for green chili night. One person volunteered their kitchen -- which I promptly made a huge mess of (and she cleaned!!). So there was green chili dip, breakfast cups, enchiladas, green chili deviled eggs, etc.

And then there was the class. Someone remembered to snap a few photos. First they wanted a shot of the chilis.
Wait...wouldn't it be better against something white?????
Yes someone actually said that. So I complied. But after laughing about it I was more red than white.  But someone pointed out that it was okay because green, white and red are the Mexican flag colors. Its all good.
Roasted, steamed and ready to peel.

And everyone got their binder. With their personalized cover and quote. They are so hot I found a 50's pin-up girl to represent each one....

It was lots of fun. And everyone took home a bag of chili ready to use. I really look forward to enjoying more time and bread and wine with these ladies.

So glad to be home.

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