Saturday, September 7, 2013

Frymark Homestead....Part One

This is going to be too picture heavy for a single post so I thought I would split it up by outside and inside.

We are finally home owners again.   A home.  A job. Both girls settled in new schools.


I think I forgot how good this can feel.

And even though we do not have our household goods right now, and it might be as long as November until we get them (due to work we are having done), it still feels like home.
Unfortunately the only thing I have for pictures right now is my phone. Most things about this house do not photograph well using only a phone. Things tend to be rather spread out and the spaces large or angled in a manner that I cant get a good shot. Point in case, the front of the house. We are standing on one end of the curved drive because in the middle of the curve is a bunch of beautiful landscaping with large trees that obscure the front of the house if you are looking straight on.
From the other end of the drive. As you can see we have a large wall of picture windows. Thankfully they have solar tint on them and solar screens on the windows.

Let me take a minute to let you know about the previous owners. They were/are awesome. This house feels like a home from the minute you walk into it. They did upgrades and additions. Everything they have touched was done very well. All the yard and landscaping has been done organically. This is a well loved home.

This is around back on the right side of the house. As you can see Dion got his metal roof. He really likes them. The large windows are the den that has a great view of the trees and half of the property. The previous owners were avid bird watchers so the property has plenty of trees, a few bird baths and other landscaping that allowed them to sit at a table by the windows and watch all the wildlife. The sliding glass doors are the hot tub room.

Closer in you can see the covered patio space outside the dining area. There is also a mud room entrance here that we take the dogs in and out of to spare the wood floors. Inside the house is the entryway/front door area.
This is looking out on the right side of the house...part of the view from the den windows. I call this area lot one. We have almost an acre and a half because the property actually takes up three lots. Lot one is nothing but trees.  Lot two is where the house sits. And lot three is where the shop sits.
A swing to enjoy the outdoors.

Farther back on the right we have this area. There is a cemented circle that is going to be used for a pool for the Mouse next summer. One of those bigger fill-up kind, not an inground. Farther back you see the covered grill/smoker area.
There is electricity and lights run out here. Room for an outdoor dining area. On both sides were there gardens. There are a bunch of volunteer tomatoes and peppers out there this year as they didn't plant.
Its a mess now but can't wait until next spring when I can plant!
Also need to do some research on what to put in this bed that we can eat. Its shaded pretty much all day long. Maybe some lettuces?

This is the area between the grill area and the shop. There are a couple of swings for the littles. Lots more trees.
The ultimate man cave. Dion has his shop. And it is nice. This is looking from the carport behind the house.
Speaking of the carport. We can park two of the vehicles back here and still have plenty of room for more  - especially when you consider the shop area.  The windows on the left are the hot tub room. It all opens up.
The left side of the back of the house. We are on a corner.
The back entrance to the property.
Another shot of the shop.  And did you know I have to have a separate business account for the electricity for this? Weird.

And that completes the outside tour of Homestead Frymark. We are still pinching ourselves to believe we are out of the trailer and have such a great place.

Inside pics to come next.


  1. Congrats and I love the little courtyard you have!

  2. So awesome!!! I love the huge outdoor space - and Andy will be so jealous of that "man cave". I can't wait to see inside pics.
    I am so excited for you, finally getting to settle in. Congratulations!