Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Shot in the Dark

We pulled off the impossible and found another house, submitted a contract, had it accepted, saw our lender and signed papers and got all the legal POA stuff done.

All in two days.

Once again I want to say I have the best agent and lender ever. Everyone was willing to work on off days and do whatever it took to get this done before Dion got on that plane.  Plus we really just like them and get along with them really well. It has made this whole mess of a house hunt enjoyable even in the craziness. That's pretty huge guys.

So Hubs is gone again. We put him on a plane Monday. The girls and dogs and I are back to waiting another month for him to return.

Inspections are this coming Monday. I probably shouldn't have even posted about the current house until then...seeing how its the inspections that fail each time. But just maybe...this time?

The house is actually in Valley Mills instead of Waco. But its no farther than the places in China Spring we have looked at lately. But it has a grocery store where China Spring does not.

Will tell more about the place if this one goes through.

Until then here is a blast from the past...Ozzy style.


  1. Fingers crossed, prayers going up, hoping that this is the one....

  2. Fingers crossed Autumn, I really hope this is the one for you all :)