Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back to the Name Game

Unfortunately the third house we have offered on just failed the septic inspection. To be fair to the sellers, they did offer to put in a whole new system (like they could do anything else) -- but I also discovered that the largest share of the front yard and one side of the house are under water when it rains. Like up into the air conditioners deep. And we tracked mud all in the house during the inspections because of all the dirt washed across the front walk. Plus I realized that we would have to get rid of the majority of our furniture to fit in the house. It was a little on the small side in the living spaces.

So we cancelled the contract.

That means more time in the trailer (and yes Hubs leaves Monday so its probable we will not find anything before then and not be able to look again until September).

It means I have no idea what school Mouse will need to be registered in if I don't want to move her.

It means the dogs will still be without a yard.

So we started looking again in hopes that a miracle occurs before Hubs gets on a plane. And let me just take a minute to tell you that we have the most amazing Agent and Lender. Both are going out of their way to help us out even this weekend if necessary to get papers signed etc....should we find something. I cannot say enough good things about either. They make this much easier than it could be.

We decided to review the properties we have seen. That was actually funny. We realized we had names for the properties. We have seen at least 50 houses so we don't remember addresses...but we do have names for most them. So for fun we started running thru those names:

The Hacienda (sigh...the one that got away)
The repo (bank got to it before we did)
The Macy House (strangely we ended up looking at a house that a friend of Songbirds used to live in and we used to drop her off at)
The Shi* Sandwhich (first failed inspection house)
The Pool House (we found that this meant different houses to each of us)
The Disaster ( whole back of the house was cracking and falling off - I kid you not)
The Dog Smell House (which had a pigsty and huge pig in the back yard...which was more enjoyable than the dog smell)
The Blue House
The Middle of Nowhere house
The One We Should Have Bought (perfect location but needed lots of updating and fencing)
The Lake or the Dion house (second failed inspection house)
The Man Cave or the Autumn House (loved everything but the back yard and the price)
The Metal Building (exactly what it sounds like)
The Rat House (scary foreclosure that something was living in)
The 50's House (Way cool but too small kitchen and no back yard)
The Ditch house (me) or the Hot Tub house (hubs)
The Beat House ( totally abused)
The Green Pool House
The Hub Caps in the Bathroom house
The Tier House (three tiers in the back yard)
The Compromise House (its only three bedrooms but we like it)
The Fish House (Koi pond in back yard)

Of course there were plenty of houses that were so not what we were looking for that we didn't bother to name or even remember. There have been about three that I have walked into and wanted to leave immediately -- usually due to a galley kitchen.

Tomorrow starts another day of the search. Today we did find the Compromise house that is not exactly what we want but a good compromise. We like the house. It has many of the things we need. But. It is really two rooms short of what we wanted. There is an office but its really small so I have a hard time counting it as one of the missing rooms.

So wish us luck once again as we play another round of the name game!

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