Thursday, May 23, 2013

Six Months Later.....

.....we really do move into the trailer and head for Texas. It was time. Hubs is now doing his Saudi rotations and we are starting our new life schedule. 

So we packed up and left the vacation home. It was a great place to stay with the kids while we went through the adjustments and changes. They got to live close to Nano for once. 

Now we have settled into a RV park in a central area where we are house hunting. Of course all these storms are rolling through and shaking things up. We also found out that there are no storm shelters here. In tornado country.  I might have to get politically active over that. Not acceptable. There are so many people living full time in RVs around here. They don't matter??

Trailer life is hard on the kids. And the dogs. Cinder has managed to get loose twice by rushing us out the door. Nut case. She doesn't go far and we are in the middle of nowhere so it hasn't been a problem. I don't want her to scare someone and get us kicked out. 

House hunting has not gone well. This time we found something we loved and the owner needs to be rescued from a financial disaster due to a divorce so he is asking too much for the property. He is stuck in a hard place. We aren't used to not getting a deal. Time will tell if we are able to work it out. It doesn't look promising. 

Oh - and just so you know....... If something falls onto a spray can of wrinkle spray and empties the contents in a RV bathroom....the propane gas alarm will go off. For a long time. And it's very loud and will scare the dogs. And the kids will complain about it hurting their ears.  

Cause that's trailer life. 

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  1. So glad for an update. I can't wait to see where God takes you next. Blessings!