Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Trailer Zone...Edition One

Why oh why did we think it would be okay to move into a travel trailer?

Just kidding.

In a hotel,we would have already surpassed the amount in one week that we have paid to stay here for an entire month. It is a no-brainer for sure. Dogs complicate everything...and pet deposits are the debil.

As you can imagine though, moving a family of four plus two into a 30 foot tin house on wheels is full of new adventures and pressures and funnies...almost on an hourly basis.

That's not a complaint.

Unfortunately the internet connection in the park leaves a lot to be desires. (Spoiled much Ms. Autumn??) Half the time I can't even get on the network. The other half its like having dial-up from the 90's.  I kid you not.

If our connection was better I am sure I would post more of the funnies. Instead I end up saying unkind words to the computer and slamming the screen shut in frustration. Oh, poor poor spoiled white girl.  Next I'll be whining about losing my pony, right?

So, I will just have to try and remember it all and post little Trailer Zone issues as the connection allows. Because it is funny stuff.

Of course I already told you about the wrinkle spray incident of 2013. It really was funny. I was kinda surprised that none of the other park residents came out to figure out what was up. That dratted propane gas alarm is SO LOUD. I thought the Dobie was going to have a heart attack. (Hmmm...Dobie- why was I surprised no one came to check?)

We have also all had to get over our seasickness. Yes, trailer living is not for land lovers.  Every time someone so much as blinks the place rocks. And an attack of the giggles by a certain 9 year old is sure to rock the house FOR REAL.  Do you know how crazy it is to have to tell your kid to stop laughing? But I do believe we are all over that phase and have our trailer legs now.

Lack of space has not killed off one family tradition. You know, the one where the whole family ends up in mom and dads bed? Except now our bed is rather smaller than ever before...and in a tiny tiny room. Doesn't stop them. All six of us can still be found on mom's bed. (Its currently the only room I have a fan running in nonstop also - going to rectify that soon and see if it helps any. Moving air just makes things better in a cramped space.)

On one evening Hubs was hoping to run the teen out of the room so he reached down and grabbed my hiney. This brings all kinds of squeals of disgust and shock from any teen. That is just not allowed. So I yelp as I didn't see it coming, the teen squeals at the extreme grossness, and the chihuahua BITES hubs!!! LOL!!! Then we all laugh until we have to pee. Because Bogart is a lover, not a fighter. But some things apparently are not only NOT OKAY with the teen.....

Rain has a whole new place in life when you live in a trailer also. Of course there is the ever present threat of tornados in this part of the country. Luckily I have some friends that have offered to shelter our family if necessary -- since our town has NO SHELTERS. The front winds rock the trailer and set the dogs off. The noise is triplified I swear. This sets the dogs off even more. Big babies. And the rain itself is loud on the roof.

But we are all dry and safe. Well, until we try to exit the trailer after the storm abates.  You open the door and are stranded in the middle of a lake. Do you know how much dogs love to get their feet wet when they go out and pee? Right. NOT! Now not only do you have to force them out to do their business, you have to stand ankles deep also and it all gets tracked back in to your little ity bity living space.  Niceeeeee.

That I think about covers the highlights of this weeks trailer zone. Please note that this is not a complaint column, its more like the funny pages.

Oh, I will leave you with one more tale that isn't in the trailer but that the trailer was useful for..

I was out running errands with the girls one day -- you know, going to the Dollar Tree for some more fine china (paper plates) when a lady accosted Songbird and half forced her way into the passenger side of the car where she was to try to talk me into helping her out with some bus tickets. It was crazy aggressive but not scary aggressive as I try to ensure we are not in a victim  position as much as possible. Anyways as the lady was giving her story as to how she is not a panhandler and here is her license to prove it (that proves what?) I leaned over and looked her straight in the eye and told her: Honey, I'm homeless right now. (Which the teen throws in an emphatic UH HUH also.)

Stopped her dead in her tracks. She backed out of the car and found herself someone else to ask for help.

Now I'm not 100% sure a trailer counts as homeless.  We do have a roof over our heads. And we do own the roof over our head and are able to leave our things in it rather than have to carry them with us everywhere.  The biggest difference is that we are temporarily homeless with the means to buy our way out of this state. So should I have used that excuse?  Probably not. But its not a lie. I have no address. I have no actual home. I have a rather large vehicle we can legally stay overnight in. So I used it to my advantage. And I have to tell you, when the unfortunates start to get really pushy and aggressive it is nice to have an out. I am not okay with having my personal space invaded because someone wants whatever money I have.

So anyways, hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend with your families and loved ones. We are thinking of you all!


  1. Oh goodness, you are one strong, brave woman. I don't know if I could handle living in a trailer, then again if I HAD to, I'm sure I would just suck it up and do it LOL

    It's almost like reading about my own life through you, we also have 4 humans and 2 dogs and I can't even imagine how stressful that is for you, but it's like you say, at least you have a roof over your head right? I would be flipping out with no internet, btw LOL

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.

  2. Really the trailer is far superior to trying to deal with TMO or a hotel. Some of my most miserable times have been in TMO's! LOL! I'm actually glad we took this step and bought the trailer. It even made travel a little easier because its so easy to decide you are done and pull over without worrying about vacancies or reservations or whatever. And I always cringe at the thought of leaving the dogs unattended in a hotel room even in crates -- what if they bark? Yep. This isn't bad at all.