Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life From My Lawn Chair

Another 4 day finish! Life is all about putting out fires lately. Yet another event came up that required our presence and a gift. Luckily I bought the material for one of the wedding quilts I was going to make...and due to time constraints had to do something else instead.  That left me with the makings for a quilt...that had no home.

This pattern is called Lawn Chair and is a free Moda pattern which can be found here.  And honestly -- it is so fantastic that I am making a bigger one for myself.
I had an audience when Songbird and I took it out to the beach to photograph. LOL.
It really has a lawn chair look  so I only quilted around the patterned strips to give it that braided look of the old lawn chairs.
I used up the end piece scraps on the back. I hate throwing material away -- even end pieces. I also don't like to buy a single color backing fabric...normally I use up my left over fabric from the front. This time I want to make another quilt just like it so I did buy some fabric for the back.
You can't really see the quilting that I was trying to show in this shot. Only the patterned pieces are outlined.
This shot of the back gives you a better ideal.

I did not have time to have a signature/dedication block made so I just free motioned my name into the side.
I have to say this is probably the easiest quilt I have ever done. There are no seams to match up when you put it all together. Start to finish it took 4 days and that all. If you are a beginner and want to try a cool looking quilt, I recommend this one.

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