Monday, November 19, 2012

The Homeless Saga Begins

The movers finally finished packing our stuff out of the house. The house has been cleaned. Last check for utilities and anything still owed has been paid.

Key has been turned in.

So for the first time ever we are homeless, without an end destination or time firmly in place.

Intentions and plans abound....but the safety net is gone.

We didn't get on the road until 4:00 pm to start heading south. After checking our maps we decided to head west first instead of south like we usually go in order to avoid the tail end of the mountains in Kentucky and Tennessee.  We were both a little nervous about pulling the trailer so far, but that was what all the camping trips were get our trailer legs. Hah.

The goal was to get to the West side of Indianapolis that first night. Only a couple hundred miles but it was a start.

When we stopped for dinner we didn't want to leave the dogs in the trailer alone or crated in the cars so we got it to go and then all of us had dinner inside the trailer.  It was not rushed. It was clean. It gave us all a breather from travel.  We loved it.

We have never traveled like this before. In our own space at stops and with no clock to watch or time to beat. Its rather nice.

A funny from this stop. We are parking in the truck area obviously. A 30 foot trailer does not park well anywhere else. The cool thing is that the truck/trailer and then the van pulled in behind it is the size of a semi so we just park it all together and fit rather nicely in a semi spot.

Anyways, as we were loading back into our cars to move on, a man came out of the truck next to us and scared Mouse to the point of tears.  She didn't realize that people stayed and slept in the big trucks. So then she got a lesson on truck driving. LOL. She is so high strung.

We pulled over at a rest area for the night. I wasn't sure how it was going to be....we have never slept at a rest stop. We wondered how the noise from the highway along with the generators from the semi trucks running all night were going to effect our sleep.  I am glad to report that it was no problem. I won't say it was soothing, but it was like having a noise machine. We slept just fine. For free. Important for the homeless.

And after our nights driving Hubs was feeling much more confident about pulling the trailer. He got the feel for the wind effects that suck you in close to a truck and then spit you back out when they get close to you. It was no longer intimidating.

All in all, our first day of our new life was rather easy.

Small blessings.

I'll take them.


  1. Sounds like the adventure is off to a good start. Enjoy the road! (and tell Mouse that she should ask to see inside a truck sometime. I remember getting to on one of our many cross country trips when I was a kid and I thought it was so cool!)

  2. I am glad you made it out of OH finally! Take care of you!

    btw... the colors on the blog look good.

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