Friday, November 23, 2012

Our First Full Day Homeless

So to continue on the beginning of our saga. Our second day of travel went really great. Hubs was feeling much more confident in his abilities with hauling the trailer. Weather and traffic were cooperative.

We did hit one snag when the Dobie got loose at a truck stop. The collar broke and she took off -- towards the highway and trucks. I about had a heart attack.  Luckily some of the other people gassing up helped us to catch her. You just have to stay still and try to call her to you and hope she gets close enough to grab. Try chasing that dog and its all over. That would be a big drawback of adopting dogs that have been strays. Training them to come back is almost impossible...and we haven't been 100% successful ever.

Otherwise it was a kicked back travel day that we stopped when we felt like it. There was no rush to get back on the road.

At one stop an elderly black man started up a conversation with us. He is an independent trucker that is 2 years away from full retirement and looking forward to it. He is also a Vietnam vet so him and hubs chewed the fat for awhile.  Out of the blue he looked at us and said "This might surprise you, but I want to know, how did HE get re-elected????? After getting over the shock of the question (we don't normally have people start talking politics to us out of the blue) we had to confess we had no clue. This gentleman is very remorseful to see the country he defended on the road it is on. And that's when I bailed out of the conversation. LOL! I must admit it was a surprising end to a very nice conversation with a stranger.  A conversation we never would have had at any other time as we have always traveled in a hurry.

Again we enjoyed the day and the lack of schedule.  Hubs said he could get used to this. Anyone that knows him and how he can't stay still would be surprised to see this.

We ended up staying the night at a TA outside Nashville. And after a crack on FB about staying at a rest stop for the first time ever and maybe I should try a truck stop shower next....well, it generated enough response from so many friends that I guess I was committed to it. But it could wait until tomorrow.

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