Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Begins Part II

So after our day of non-vacation like activities in Cleveland, we woke up Saturday to a sunny day. Which was also Songbirds 17th birthday.

And after a breakfast at the hotel we jumped in the car and headed for New York.

Neither Hubs or I had ever been to Niagara Falls. Originally we planned to go on our anniversary last December, but we thought we would be moving so we canceled. Stupid move as it appears Hubs will never find a job and we are stuck here forever. (you are bitter sister, get over it already)

On the way we were looking at a tourist magazine and found some good tour info. We were staying downtown and knew there were parking problems so we wanted to park the car and walk mostly. Seeing how we were not going to arrive until lunch I didn't think we were going to see much with that plan.

So I did something we never do and called a company that does tours and booked the full meal deal. Yes I spent stupid money at a time when we are unemployed. Happy anniversary six months late.

We rolled into Niagara before noon. Check in time wasn't until 4 pm but we put my favorite saying into use ( you have to a-s-k to g-e-t). They actually let use check in before noon!

Our room had this box window that Mouse loved. She wanted to sleep in it. Mom and her fear of heights couldn't deal so she had to sleep in the bed instead.

We had lunch downstairs and had time to freshen up before the tour guide came and picked us up. (Nice).

I'm pretty sure Mouse would tell you that riding the little bus was her favorite part. She is very strange. I think a big part of it is that there are no seatbelts.

We had to wear very orange tags to be easily identified by our guide. He was a great guy and told us so much history and fun facts.

We went to the cave of the winds first. Boy did we get wet. Mouse was a daredevil and running and climbing railings and sticking hands and feet places she shouldn't. I'm pretty sure I lost a year or two off my life. How is it that the kid that is fearful of people is so fearless of natural dangers???

Some parts of the falls washed right over the decks.

Mouse wanted to be right on it.

We were glad we brought our own rain gear. Of course they give you disposable ones.

And they give you these sandals. Sexy feet.

Of course our favorite thing was The Maid of the Mists boat ride. Now I have to admit we liked all the different falls but we were not pressed. After living in Iceland and visiting all those falls we just weren't excited. Until.

You get on that boat and drive right into the falls.

Most amazing.

We went to several other places also. We saw the worlds largest whirlpool, the Bridal and American falls, a few different islands. All with being driven by Ed and given lots of info.

It rocked.

Songbird picked TGI Fridays for her birthday dinner. She loves those fried green beans.

Cheesy tourist picture with Blues Brothers.

And then it was back to the hotel for a swim and tucking the girls in.

Then Hubs and I took off on foot to go see the falls lit up at night.


So to any of my friends. If you haven't been to Niagara....GO. If you have passports go to the Canadian side as you can see it better. But if you don't have passports it is still well worth going.

I also recommend booking a tour. It's expensive but well worth it.

And then it was over. And all too soon we had to head home.

But boy was it great.

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  1. My sister went to Niagra Falls for her honeymoon in early April and she loved it. Definitely on my Bucket list. It looks like you had a blast, especially your little daredevil there!