Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Begins Part I

I love summer. I love lazy days and no schedule. I love sleeping in and spur of the moment trips.

And we started our first day of summer off with a bang due to a successful yard sale.

Knowing (still hoping) we are on borrowed time here in Ohio, we decided to do a couple of things from our bucket lists.

Friday we jumped in the car and headed to Cleveland (the half-way point to our final destination). The Hubs was interested in checking out The West Side Market that he had seen on programs on the Food Network and the Travel Channel.

So we had lunch at the place he was interested in. Steve's Gyros. And yes it was very very good. Although I will confess that it is the first Gyro I've ever eaten because lamb meatloaf is not appealing to me. Anything with lamb is not appealing to me.

But it was good!

I wish we had a market like this where we live. It is amazing!!

We even found something for Mouse to eat. Not an easy thing to do.

And my newly graduated teen found the crepes.

And strangely enough it looks look both my guys are meat men in Cleveland. I had no idea they led double lives.

We were going to see what else we could get into but Songbird had a strap blowout on her purse. So we spent the rest of the day searching for a new one. In the pouring rain.

I think I can state with some authority that Cleveland proper thrift stores are over priced and junky. Now you know. Thank goodness for Burlington Coat Factory.

We also took a drive down by Lake Erie. At one point we even got lost in the pouring rain and ended up down by the canal. I didn't get it when Hubs started cracking Erie Canal jokes. I grew up in the desert. We didn't even sing songs about the canal in music class like he so fondly remembers.

Thankfully the hotel had a pool for Mouse to burn off some energy after a boring afternoon of purse shopping.

And our day was done. Now we were all excited about tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like a great day.

    I LOVE Gyros, yum.