Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rising Sun

Due to an incredible deal, hubs and I were able to run away for a two day adult weekend.

We stayed at a historical hotel in downtown Rising Sun Indiana.

It was right on the river bank and our suite overlooked the river. Beautiful view. Awesome breeze.

Rising Sun in a beautiful sleepy little town. There is a riverboat casino that has brought in tax money and really revitalized the town, without changing the pace of life or values of the residents.

So we had two very low key days walking around or exploring the scenic highways of the area.

Along the river banks there are walking paths with playgrounds and this cool tree fountain.

We loved the town. To the point that we checked on housing prices, etc. I would live to live in this little town.

We did visit the casino also. I had never actually been in the game side of a casino before or gambled. So I tried it. My $10 keep me busy for a couple hours but no, I didn't win anything. Nor did I expect to. Lol.

We also visited a local museum and tried out several local places during meal times. There were no fast food or franchises in town - which was awesome. I had the best tamales I have ever eaten on day, and an amazing pulled pork BBQ sandwich with coleslaw on it another. Actually that sandwich we had for breakfast. We had arrived to late the night before (most businesses operated from 11 am to 4-6 pm) so we asked if the owner would serve us lunch for breakfast. And she did.

I have to also say this is by far the friendliest town I have ever visited - and I've visited a lot!

So for any of my local friends, I highly recommend a lazy getaway with your better half to this sleepy town.

Totally relaxing.

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