Friday, March 18, 2011

The Pink Thing

So I freely admit I am NOT a girly-girl.

I totally skipped all those female related classes in life. Fashion 101? Totally flunked.

Complimentary Colors? Whatever.

Hair Styles with Pizazz! Not.

But my girls are very much girly-girls. Maybe that's why my son was my most fun tyke. (Ummmm...did I just say that out loud??)

Recently I was drug to Kohl's by the teen for yet another "NEED" in the clothing department. It is beyond amazing how many needs she has. As in -- she eats 90% of our clothing allowance. No wonder she can go 2 weeks without doing laundry.

Anyways....I'm off on a rabbit trail. Redirecting.

On this particular trip the Mouse saw a pink, girly, pom-pom on the zipper even....sleeveless vest/coatish thing.

And she loved it.

She HAD to have it.

I was horrified and actually laughed thinking it was a joke. But it wasn't. And she was rather insulted and not happy with me and informed me that she HAD to have it.

Mouse has NEVER had to have anything outside a toy store before.

So I took a step back. And discussed that it wasn't real practical (what idiot discusses that with a 6 year old?? One with a teen and a young adult apparently).

But she would not be swayed.

And daddy came around the corner and she had to show it to him also. He was not impressed either.

So I told her to let me see the tag. Luckily she is very well trained in "too expensive" and does not fight that battle.

So I look at the tag....and its on clearance for $10.


So to make a long story shorter, we ended up buying that fuzzy pink thing that makes my teeth hurt just to look at it.

She's worn it a million times the last couple of months. She wears in under coats....over coats...instead of coats. Whatever. So I definitely have seen my money's worth of wear.

And lately it has kind of grown on me.

Even if it is pink.

And fuzzy.

But I still have serious issues with the pom-pom thing on the zipper.


  1. First, just to show you where my mind is...and I'm sure you already know...I excitedly clicked on your blog today specifically because I thought the title of this post was vaguely obscene.

    Now, as for the vest? Totally something Lily would want. And totally something I would never buy her. You are a WAY better momma than I for buying it.

  2. That is one of those things she is never going to forget. She will be reminiscing one day about her fuzzy pink "thing" that you let her get and she wore it all the time...what a memory!

  3. I totally failed all the "girly girl" classes too. The only thing I am good at is jewelry. Luckily, I have three sisters around to shop for me, and dress me on important occasions. I pretty much live on their hand-me-downs. Thankfully, I had boys.
    I think the pink pom poms are precious, simply because she loves them. Canaan practically lived in galoshes for awhile - same idea.
    BTW- I love the little monkey poses, climbing the wall!

  4. She looks adorable in her pink thing...and if she has worn it everywhere all the better!

    You do know you'll need to make it into a quilt or pillow when it gets too small! :o) Good luck!

  5. I think it is adorable! It looks all soft and fuzzy. Did they by any chance have one in my size?

  6. Oh yeah! Leave it to a six year old! Thank goodness it was $10.00 LOL! She looks adorable though.

    I tend to be less girly girl. I like dressy casual like Ann Taylor Loft. I like to get dressed up for the couple of formal balls that we have been invited to, but that's about it. My daughter on the other hand, she is on both sides of the fence. She keeps talking about princesses....UGH! I can't stand the whole princess movement. I try to ignore it but sometimes that's just impossible. Thank goodness she also like worms and frogs and jeans and such. :oP

  7. Ye Gods!!! Pink and Fluffy (and kind of adorable)! Danie ((:

  8. Hahaha! That is some pink fuzziness. Good stuff.