Monday, March 14, 2011

Somebody Buy That Girl Some Perfume!!!

I don't know how well this story will translate on this blog....but you know it had to be really good for the Hubs to turn to me and say......"sounds like good blog fodder to me".

So the other night Hubs and I are in the living room when Mouse bounces in. (Because she's very much like Tiger around the house....can't walk, must bounce.)

And Hubs and I both did that snort thing. You know, where you blow hard out your nose because you just got a whiff of something? And not necessarily a stinky something so much as an OVER ABUNDANCE of smell from an unidentified chemical source.

It had to be Mouse.

And it wasn't a smell natural to Mouse. Heck, it wasn't a natural smell at all.

But when did she get perfume? She doesn't have perfume. No body spray.

Nothing that I can think of.

So we asked her if she had on perfume.

Yes. She needed to smell good.

But she doesn't have perfume! And really, neither does mommy since she has so many skin issues....and daddy hates perfume anyways.

And as we sat there with perplexed looks on our faces, it finally dawned on me what that was.

"MM? Did you spray yourself with the bathroom spray??????"

"Yep!! I smell GOOD!!!!"

And you can imagine the horrified gasps and the lecture on the poison that is bathroom spray...blah, blah, blah that followed.


Air Freshener???

And when I went to tuck her into bed a few minutes later.....her whole room was saturated with that smell. (Insert second lecture.)

And I thought to know this is all because you laughed so hard at Wendy and the baby powder incident. I so asked for it.


  1. LOL!!!!! I was so going to call you on this, but then I read the last paragraph where you freely admit you were the one who slammed me for leaving out the baby powder! Oh, veteran mom, you!!! I am laughing so hard at this, there are tears in my eyes!!! Karma is gonna get ya!

    Our girls need to meet and collaborate!!!! LOL!!!

    Love ya!

  2. Oh my gosh, that made me laugh! My son is always wanting to put on my husband's cologne or deodorent. That is a very cute story!!

  3. LOL - thanks for the giggle...I needed that!

  4. That is so cute! I love how they get those ideas into their sweet little heads.