Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm So NOT A Follower

So what's up with everyone wanting followers on their blogs???

Not that there is anything wrong with following someone or anything. But have you noticed how frantic and obsessive some bloggers are about followers? Flashbacks of Jr. High and High School. Is it a self worth/popularity thing? Is it all about the audience?

I'd go nuts if I was writing for an audience. Maybe that's why I don't pay much attention to the amount of followers I have. I'm just writing because we live so far away from our families that it keeps them in touch with what is going on in our world. Cause its not like they are calling or visiting or anything. Just saying. Plus, I just want to get the words out of my head -- because one day they might turn into voices....

I guess another reason for followers is to make money by attracting corporate attention and gaining advertising and sponsoring.

I was contacted by someone wanting to be my sponsor once. It was the nicest email and very personal and touching. They obviously had been through my whole blog and commented on many things.

But, wonderful as all that was.

The sponsorship and ad....

A Drug Rehab Facility.

Oh yes it was. Which I got the biggest laugh over. I still have the email because its just so nice and I like to read it occasionally for a giggle. Cause really, what DOES that say about my blog?

The rantings of a drug crazed 80's metal head all old and crusty now. I should have used that for the title of my blog. Its got a catchy kind of ring to it.

Anyways - back to the point. I just want to give the bloggers that want the followers so badly a couple of tips on how NOT to get followers:

#1. Music.

If you have music on your site, there is NO WAY I will follow you. Ever. (unless you are one of my bestest friends) You see, some of us have older computers. And a Magic Jack that runs our phone. And itunes. And a million other things going on at any given time. So when I click on your site and the music tries to load. Crashes my computer or locks it up or makes it so slow I yell unkind words at it.

Now, this is America and you can have whatever you want on your blog. After all, its YOUR blog. And music is soul touching. It affects us greatly. And we just want to share. Right?

Well, chances are I don't even like your style of music. So, if you are begging for followers, drop the music. There's no way I'm the only person that gets frustrated by what it does to my computer. Just trying to help.

(And this is not aimed at a couple of my friends who are right now wondering if I'm talking about them. I'm not. I'm talking about the follower collectors.)

#2 Over abundance of ads

I don't care how much I like your writing...if you have a million "commercials" on your blog chances are I'm not coming back. A few I get. It's nice to get a little money. But I actually don't come to peoples blogs to line their pockets or provide them with corporate an over abundance is a huge turn-off. See ya.

And sorry - but all those ads just look cluttered and junky. Have yet to see a site full of ads that looked "tastefully done". An ad is designed to take your money. That's its only point. You can't pretty that up.

#3 Give-aways that require you become a followers to participate.

Not coming back. Now, I'm not talking about the ones where they have 3 different ways to enter and that is one of them......I'm talking about the ones that the only way to have an entry is to become a follower. That is an obvious money grubbing motive. Total turn-off. Its like saying you are giving something away....but only to people with purple hair. (But lucky for you there are all kinds of people that will go out and dye their hair purple -- but again, you are limiting yourself because there are plenty of people that won't.)

So there you have it. A small list of reasons why this one person won't follow your blog. If you are a follower junkie and have slowed lately, you might want to try dropping the music, cutting back on ads or requiring your guests be followers and see if things pick up. You can always go back to it if there is no improvement.

And for all of my friends and blogs I read that don't require me to be a follower......I heart you.

I really do.


  1. Ok...I'm totally safe since I still don't really know what a Blog is...or a Blogger does, or why they do it...don't really care to know either - back to being totally safe since....
    I check your blog sometimes because I value your enlightened thinking and sense of humor. You also have the balls and spine to say just what you think...just the way you think it...and I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU! You say so well, what I wish I could say half as well. Does that make me a follower? AAARRRGGGHHH! Not likely, but if I did have to follow someone for any reason; you and Den would be the only 2 I'd remotely trust to lead me.

  2. I heart you too! Great post about followers and music on said all that I have been thinking since I started blogging 4 years ago! Well said!

  3. I heart you as well. I'm obviously not a great follower either. Getting caught up though!

  4. LOL I agree on SO many things in this post, it's not even funny.

    I don't worry about followers, I'm thankful for all the ones I have but honestly I didn't ask them to follow me and don't even know who they are LOL

    The giveaway things drive me INSANE, I'm sure you've noticed all my giveaways all you need to do is leave a comment, nothing else. LOL

  5. I'm so glad. Because I adore you, too. Although I WAS thinking of adding some music to my site. Probably "Baby" by Justin Beiber. Just because.

  6. And... um... just looking at the picture you posted. Does that make you the elephant? *grin* Personally, I'd rather be the elephant than the bird eating stuff off the elephant.

  7. I agree with you!! But why do you put up a follower sign, so you can see who follows you?? That is a bit contradicting?? No??

  8. LOL! Miereille - that showed up after one of my background changes and I never bothered to take it down. Legit question for sure. So now the question I take it down? Probably so since its just more clutter on the page I think.

  9. When I first started blogging I was very unaware of the follower thing. Didn't even know what it was. When I discovered that button, I was thrilled - mostly because I had just been writing down the addresses of blogs I liked, then promptly losing them and having to go through my comps history to find them again. It saved me so much time that I fell in love with the blessed follower app. I could care less who follows me, but I am so glad that I have the ability to follow my favorite others. I would simply be unable to find them again if I didn't have a button to push to guide me back!
    Sorry about the music... but I can't get rid of it. It makes me happy! At least I have variety?!