Saturday, January 1, 2011

Autumn's Top 20 Things Learned in 2010

Most years we get to this point and are looking forward and making our resolutions for the new year. I thought I might like to take a look back and think about the things I learned this last year instead.

(Doesn't that sound so much easier than making resolutions you know you are never going to carry all the way through on anyways????) goes....

1. Cars with liability only insurance should not be run into fire hydrants.

2. It's called an estimate for a reason. That reason is because they always call back and need more money after you agree to the estimate price. Just stop answering the phone.

3. High school teachers are not above finding a way onto your child's private Facebook page and then bullying them.

4. High school students don't always want you to do the right thing and shake things up at the school.

5. Children that don't speak or make much noise for 5 years can find the on switch and turn the volume all the way up. At home or in a store check-out line being the most likely spots.

6. An abnormal child finding their feet and becoming a normal child can be frustrating. Until you remind yourself that this is NORMAL and it is GOOD. Just roll with it.

7. Six year olds are the most fun at Christmas.

8. Teenagers get cars so young cause mom's just can't be that many places at once. Not because they are old enough or mature enough at 16 to handle the responsibility of trying not to kill themselves or someone else.

9. Camping in a state without fire ants and over 100 degree weather is actually loads of fun. And scaring little girls at "haunted" cabins in the woods at night is a blast.

10. I like canoeing.

11. Braces cost more than the car you are going to put that teen in. And catching that teen chewing gum is a punishable offense.

12. My children, my sisters children and one other friends children are the only ones left on the face of the earth that send thank-you cards/notes. I have no idea if well over half the gifts I send are ever even received.

13. Making quilts for others is very satisfying. Creating something from a pile of fabric appeals to the artistic side...even if its only beginner stuff.

14. After being married a million years, a non-jewelry buying husband can surprise you with jewelry. And then tell you it went nothing like the commercials!! LOL! (Probably should be rated as #1.)

15. No matter how old I get I still HATE fundraisers. Including Girl Scout Cookies.

16. There actually is a past place we've lived that I want to go back to and stay forever.

17. No matter how I try to prepare myself....I still loath snow. Hate cold. And want to go back to Texas. (Although this would be my 2nd choice of places to retire.)

18. Be careful what you wish for. I have wanted to adopt again since bringing Mouse home. Hubs has not. He's done. So I've honored that but my heart was not settled on it by any means. Then, we were in a situation where I had to consider we might be expanding our household by two. It sort of felt like God was asking me if I was sure. And I am sure now that I DON'T need to adopt again. Or at least not look to adopt - if that makes sense.

19. Having another person close to your age talk about a young actor close to your son's age and how hot he so far beyond gross its not funny. Being appreciative of the good looks is fine...drooling is not.

20. There is nobody MORE blessed than myself and my family. They might be blessed different...but not MORE.

Looking forward to 2011 and all the things we are facing at this point in life. I predict a year of quick changes and big changes and lots of rolling with the punches. But hey, I've got the best rolling partner around!

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