Saturday, January 29, 2011

Autumn Asks: Do You Have A Sweet Tooth?

I was awarded a sweet little award today. Danie over at Looking for My Punk Rock Girl awarded it to me. And I'm so glad she did. Not because I feel especially sweet or anything...but because I went to her blog and read through it as I didn't recognize her name.

LOVE the way this young woman writes and expresses herself. Love that she loves old movies and books and music I love. I am looking forward to reading her posts and seeing where she ends up in life. And Danie.....I'd love to see some of your paintings. Really. I would.

I also checked out the other blogs she awarded and loved them also. Some really good writers in the bunch.

Now...a quick side trip:

Mighty Mouse: "Mom, which one is my sweet tooth? Is it this one?"

Kid slays me.


So, as a winner of this award I am supposed to list 5 of my guilty pleasures:

1. Coca-Cola. Yep. You knew that one. Cancer in a can and I can't kick the habit.

2. Chai Latte from the coffee shop. Way too expensive, plus I'm not supposed to have milk. Don't do it often but I love them.

3. Books. I have book cases of them. Considering how often we move and how much they weight this is not a smart practice. But I'll just say it......the military libraries are not impressive.

4. Netflix. The three at a time and streaming leveling. I have my queue, hubs has his, teen has hers. Plus I have that sucker playing on the computer the whole time I'm in the quilting cave. Do you know how many cheesy B rate movies you can find on streaming???? Ahhhhh. Nerd heaven. Love it.

5. Lake house trips to see my favorite group of friends. Expensive. And worth so much more than I could ever spend.

Now its time for me to award the Sweet Blog award to 5 others:

Debbie at Suburb Sanity - because I didn't see it on Danie's blog list and I think she would love Debbie's writing.

Jane at Sew Create It - someone that I am just getting to know and really enjoy. She donates to Project Linus on a regular basis.

Wendy at Born In Our Hearts - another adoptive parent, sarcastic, mature (hah) parent who I totally get and hope to meet some day.

Quilting Ranny - because she truly is sweet. She is raising her grandkids, helps her grown kids and donates quilts all the time. I consider her an inspiration.

Krista at Spotted Stone - a new blog for me. Mom of three, living in Alaska and lots of outdoor family fun and quilting/sewing. I hate snow but she makes it look so good!



  1. Books are always worth any inconvenience! We have book shelves in every room and even had one (temporarily) in our bathroom:)
    Thank you for thinking of me. I could have a lot of fun with this one! And I am off to meet Danie!

  2. I LOVE what you said about me! I'm cracking up. Oh, get me, all right!

    Thank God someone does!

    Thanks for the award!

  3. MM is so funny! I love the way kids think.

  4. I'm with you on the books. Andy just bought me a Kindle, trying to get me to cut down on some weight. Might keep me from buying too many more in actual paper form... maybe. But there is no way I am getting rid of the books I already have. They are filled with love!