Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wha...? And Where Did June Go???

Wow! I can't believe its the last day of June!!!! Where did it go? Well....let me tell you....

Several days in backyard/front yard neighbors pools
A trip to Young's Jersey Dairy and an amazing ice cream experience (plus a carnival)

Library Reading Club (which went by the wayside with our schedule)
A teen Birthday Lunch at TGIF
Followed up with a teen sleepover with 3 friends
Mouse got her ears pierced....out of the blue
Fun Girl Scout meeting making things
A Father/Daughter dance put on by the Girl Scout Troop
where Mouse ate her weight in fruit but would not dance
An all day drive to grandma's in Arkansas
Swimming at the lake 2x complete with picnic dinner
An amazing Ecuadorian lunch and a walk thru downtown Hot Springs
Crystal mining with cousins
Another car trip to another grandma in Texas
Cousins and Aunts and Uncles too!
Another car trip to see another Uncle and family
And drop mommy off for a lake house girls weekend with her buds!
To Hell and Back
A special Double baby shower
Bones!!!!!!!!!!! My Bones!!!!
A sword fight at Hobby Lobby
A play date with old friends
Back to Arkansas
Antiquing for the bigs and the mall for the littles
Back to Ohio
Big Jesus burned down! There when we left...gone when we returned
Ortho consult
I could buy a car with that money. Not joking.
What insurance coverage? Its government insurance.
Beginning piano lessons for Songbird
More trips than I care to count to local malls.
A wonderful neighborhood birthday party
Family bike ride with picnic
Several books read
several Netflix movies watched

And July starts out with two camping trips - church camp for the teen and Girl Scout camp for the mouse and I.

I'm gonna be rather tired when school starts back up I think.

In a very good way.

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  1. Whew! And I thought we were busy.

    Cute pics :)