Friday, June 4, 2010

On My Way Home

Yes it is! With a new binding made from the material you picked out! I hope it meets you there the day you return...or at very least the next day.

To all of my friends who have ever considered sewing blankets for any charity....

The above quilt is 13 years loved. It was a gift to a very small girl in a shelter many many years ago. A quilt that has followed a child through many moves and many of life's ups and downs.

It is very very important.

It's binding was in tatters. There were many little places that were loved to pieces. But it is better now. And it is by far the most important quilt I have ever touched or worked on.

If you have any interest, please make the step this make those quilts or blankets and donate them. There are so many causes....from Childrens Hospitals, to homeless shelters, to battered women's shelters, to foster care....

I have joined our states Binky Patrol to donate to our foster children.

And as a side to that....

I was told by a former foster child that a pillow case that could double as a bag would be great for the teens (who make up the majority of foster children). She would have rejected a blanket as too "baby" but still needed that something to cling to in the night. A pillowcase would have been great. And the bag ideal comes from her sharing what it makes you feel like to put what you have in a trash bag when you are moved yet again. You feel like trash.

(A quick side note on that: People have suggested suitcases, but most foster agencies have no where to store them so can't take them. A fabric bag that takes up no room is more likely to be accepted in your area.)

So friends, let this be the summer. Find out who in your area is in need. Make ONE. And if you find you enjoy it....well, commit in whatever way your heart tells you.

And let me know! Tell me about that ONE.

And let me know I made a difference.

Because if you knew the love of that little quilt I patched couldn't NOT make one!


  1. That is such a great thing. Every year our church does a fabric bag drive for foster kids. For the exact same reason you mentioned.

  2. Awesome post Autumn!! You are doing a great thing but encouraging people to do charity work. I'm so happy to have you on my "team"!!!

  3. It's home. Thank you so very much!