Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Adoption Poetry At Grown In My Heart

This months adoption carnival over at Grown in My Heart is all about poetry.

Oh, the agony.

This isn't my thing really. (And its not Tonggu Momma's thing should check out her poem...which is really the Tongginators poem).

But here's a shot at it.... (don't expect it to rhyme...that is asking too much)

A Frymark Adoption

Our world was all shiny
all rainbows and ladybugs
The anticipation was intense
Awaiting this new child to love

Yet there was so much we didn't understand
while we had light and happiness
Half a world away you had darkness and fears
A break that can't be fixed

And while we knew
We were giving a child a home
A child that did not have a family
We didn't really know

That there is a hole that is unfillable
In your tiny little heart
And love does not conquer all
No matter what the adoption agencies say

So for my little girl
I can only hope and pray
That the life we live together
Is at least better than an orphanage

Because we will never be what was best
We can never be even what is second best
Or even third best
We might only limp in at fourth best

And you deserve so much better
My beautiful little mouse
So I promise you MY best
For all my days


  1. "That the life we live together
    Is at least better than an orphanage"

    It should be.

    But in so many other ways... kids deserve more than that...