Monday, May 10, 2010


Columbus Ohio has a fantastic Center of Science and Technology. Its one of the biggest museums I've been in outside of Chicago and DC. So Fun!!!! I can't wait to go back with just my family!

But, no, last weekend it was a trip with the Girl Scouts. At this point I am still just a parent, not a leader. I am enjoying this as I never really got to participate from this vantage point before.

14 Brownies and Daisies

Massively crowded

Children that do not know how to stay together in a group or stay with the adults

Misbehavior that affected the whole group

Yes. I had myself an experience. Which to be brutally honest, I did not enjoy. Enough said. Except there is obviously some growth needed on my part. On allowing behaviors that I have never put up with before. It's going to be a painful journey. But growth is never pain free.

Anyways - this place was HUGE.

And the Oceans area really rocked....and you could get soaked (which MM did). Its like walking into an underground cavern with Posiadin looming over all. Huge. Way cool. Wish I had my camera and not just my phone. (Yet another parenting fail.)
Mighty Mouse had a wonderful time. And she ROCKED the climbing wall. Over and over and over again. What a monkey! I loved it!
Way cool trip!

And a quick look-back at camping. Heh. Wasn't going to loose my little bug in the forest, was I?

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  1. Look at her climb! Yes! We must make plans for June. Can you e-mail me the dates?