Saturday, September 12, 2009

Snapshot Saturday

Joining my friend Tricia in Snapshot Saturday... She posted an old photo of mine today that I just love. Her daughter took it on my camera. Songbird was mad because I wouldn't let her touch that camera yet handed it over to Butterfly. Hah. Good times.

I missed last weekend as things were so crazy. No worries...the festival marathon continues.

Being that it was Labor Day weekend we had so many things to choose from. And, being that it was Labor Day weekend they all cost money.

So, Saturday we went downtown to check out the local farmers market. Love me some local farm fresh veggies. Love. Love. We found the 2nd Street Marketplace which is really nice. And they have eggs, meats, cheeses....everything. But I thought it was pricey and am wondering if I can't find a simple simon one close to home with better prices. If not, so be it...I know where to go for what I want.

Sunday the girls and I struck out on our own. The Hubs was studying for his test in two days. He tested for Chief on Tuesday. For those that don't know and have any interest, that's as high as you can go as enlisted. He doesn't expect to make it on this round as his board scores probably won't be high enough yet. We have high hopes for next round.

So, back to Sunday. Songbird and I decided we wanted to check out Heritage Days in Paque OH. Great choice. It was about 40 minutes north but was a pretty drive. The town is so cute!! I want to live there.
So, Heritage Days. It's kinda like a reenactment kind of thing. Mostly its vendors and some demonstrations. There is also a rodeo. The cool thing was all the people in period dress (1800's). See this shot? There were literally hundreds of people camped and dressed this way. some of them were vendors or demonstrators, but a large majority were just there to camp and walk around this way all weekend.

Can you imagine? Lots of the kids didn't even wear shoes! (If you are familiar with Texas Fire Ants you get my amazement.)

It really sounds like fun....but when I tried to imagine my family doing this it just wouldn't gel. Mighty Mouse would be laying all over me complaining that its hot as she sweats like a fountain. Songbird would probably like it...she wants to make herself some of these dresses and thinks it was cool.
But we'd have to have something to sell or something as I can't see myself doing nothing but walking around some tents all weekend. No dead animal skins though. That was just gross.
This was the star attraction for my kids. Poor, poor city kids. It's pigs girls. Not real exciting. Well, the way they wagged their tails the whole time was charming...but still.
Songbird scored a cool metal heart necklace. Mighty Mouse? Well, she found not only a pumpkin princess headband...but a ladybug mask also. Yes. Her two favorite things. Pumpkins and ladybugs. What style! As you can see she is also dragging pumpkin ticka (blanket) around with her also. This is normally not allowed but she was a little out of sorts since we left daddy at home and went to a festival without him. That is apparently not allowed.

Now on to this week.

Can you say Greek Festival? (And can you smell the garlic???)

At the bus stop all the buzz was about the Greek Fest this weekend. I made a mental note. At Hubs work the bean counters were all talking about Greek Fest. He made a mental note. We were really looking forward to it after hearing so much.
Mighty Mouse ate her some yummy Greek Fries. And she did choke down a few bites of Greek salad as I let her have one drink of my soda for each bite of salad. Smart thinking!!! Will remember this trick! And she did eat some of the chicken out of my gyro - even with the tatziki sauce on it!
The teen animal had Greek Vegetarian Pizza (shock) and fries. She washed it down with an ice cold Greek beer. Ummm... wait. That's not her beer. Dad!!!

No. Daddy got the Greek beer and reminisced about his time in Crete and how we need to take a vacation there.

That's what I'm talkin' about!


  1. Heritage days looks like a lot of fun. I am wondering which festival we went to that it is more like: Fort Atkinson or PowWow? You guys really seem to be having a lot of adventures right now.

  2. Wow! Seems like your family has been having lots of fun! Can I come visit and join you on some upcoming adventures?

  3. The kids' fascination with the pigs? Yeah... very apropos for me right now. Guess what I have right now? (And yes... it rhymes with whine.)

  4. I'm enjoying reading about y'alls fun and interesting weekends! A picture of Autumn at these fests would be nice!

  5. Hey Tricia!

    I think it would be more like Ft. Atkinson. Except it wasn't a job..they were doing it for fun. LOL! Remember the girls doing laundry? That was my favorite part!

  6. Flat Stanley -

    Come join us! We can document some cool adventures before sending you on your way!

  7. TM!!!

    No! Not the dreaded Captain Trips!! Say it isn't so!

  8. Amy -

    Pictures of autumn do not exist in my world. I've gained so much weight that most people I know wouldn't even recognize me (except my Waco friends). Its really that bad and shaming. Although I do believe there is a shot of my behind in this post...which wasn't as awful as it could have been!!

  9. The town is Piqua, :) Thats my home turf, so I'm a bit protective of it :)

    Heritage days is awesome. We went every year growing up! There are lots of awesome festivals around where you are, especially celebrating Native Americans who were in that area. And the Indian mounds are all around you too and are very cool.

    *sigh* Now I'm homesick.

  10. Erin -
    Thanks for the correction. I knew I was getting it wrong but was too lazy to look it up.

    That little town was beautiful! I told my girls that I want to live there.

  11. I must disagree (about the bad and shameful). :) So you'll just have to e-mail me pics every now and then so I can see you sometime! I miss ya!