Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Enter the Sandman

Music is rather a mainstay in our household.

Hubs and I were the typical music crazy American teens. Our tastes were a little on the rough side of things...but so were many other kids. I was they lucky one with a dad that made sure I had a real stereo when I turned 10. He would even help me buy those crazy Kiss records or whatever in the beginning. And as my music tastes evolved to even crazier stuff, my parents would just roll their eyes and tell me to shut my door.

The hubs? Even crazier stuff. But his musical journey included stories of crazy church ladies and smashed records. Nuff said.

Our kids also have always enjoyed music. Bones was born singing Guns and Roses and could sing most of Queensryche's Mindcrime stuff at a very young age. That's what I used to put on when he got fussy. He loved it. He had many interesting song titles he sang as a little squirt. Some of my favorites were Juicebox Hero (Jukebox Hero), Cookies (Cocaine) and Go Go Jason Waterfalls (Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls). That kid could change a song like nobody else. And YES, he did have all the Weird Al CD's.

And he grew up to be the same music loving teen. Some changes were made in our life so we did encourage Christian music over secular as the actual lyrics were getting rather bad with the times. But we never forbade secular music. He just couldn't listen to it in the house where the siblings could hear except in earphones. (Same with age appropriate movies and tv...after the littles were in bed or out of the house.)

Then came Songbird. I don't remember her ever NOT singing. And it continues to this day. And yes, she had some original songs herself...but mostly she just did the girl thing of listening to the same thing OVER and OVER again.

Then, along came Mighty Mouse.

MM has never really shown an interest in music. And until very recently was not a singer. She didn't respond to music like other kids at all.

Maybe it was sensory overload for her. I really don't know.

The bad thing is, since she paid no attention, I let my own rules slide. If it was just her and me in the car, I listened to what I wanted instead of what I thought was appropriate for her. After all, she doesn't even listen. And soon hubs was falling into the same habit.

I had a clue that things were changing after she started Kindergarten. Now she would sing after school. Mostly it was the song that helps you learn your letter sounds...so I still wasn't catching on.

Then came the radio tuning day. I have an under the counter radio/CD player in the kitchen. Well somebody kept unplugging it so I kept having to reset the stations. This is a pain since I havent figured out what stations there are here yet. So I was going thru the motions and you have to go one punch at a time...no search button. Tedious. So on a country station I stopped. Now, I don't really like country but there are a few fun songs I will listen to. I happened to run across Friends in Low Places. I hadn't heard that in forever so I left it and was doing something else.

A LOUD voice from the living room informed me that I DON'T LIKE THAT ONE.

Wow! Really?


And that should have been the tipper.

But no.

It wasn't until a couple of days later when hubs and I were going grocery shopping with her. Hubs had control of the radio.

And MM? Well, she was in the backseat SINGING Metallica.

Enter the Sandman.

Not kidding.

We are sooo in trouble.


  1. I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed your post! I have an older brother, and with him, comes a vast appreciation to now "classic" rock.

    Loved this!

  2. I grew up with only Christian music, but my hubs has EVERYTHING, from every genre, and loves it all.
    When our oldest was a baby and would wake up around 6 when hubs was getting dressed for work I would nurse him, then he would put him in the baby swing and try different music to calm him. After a few tries he discovered that ACDC was his favorite. It would calm him, the put him back to sleep, every time.
    ACDC! Who knew?
    The closest thing to "kids music" my kids have ever come is the soundtrack to Curious George, by Jack Johnson. They like "real" music... but I have had to make hubby pay attention to lyrics now that they are getting old enough to start singing along, and understanding.

    Great story. Enjoy every minute!

  3. WEll, we were good with our oldest and had all the Veggie Tales soundtracks. We even liked them and would sing the songs. She sings everything, and just like S, has always been singing.
    I knew we were in trouble when the kids were singing AC/DC several years ago, and that was from DAD, but they also knew Def Leppard. She now like Christian music - thank goodness! I don't know where she picked it up, because it wasn't from us, I dont' know much about it. Our middle son doesn't listen much and now our youngest A.L. sings everything and makes up her own. Just like her big sister.