Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a quick clarification....

...about yesterdays post.

After a few comments I realized that it came off that I was real upset about our sermon. That is actually not the truth of the matter.

I spent a week with one event, comment, action, etc. after the other that viewed Mother's Day as negative or put it in a light to make mother's out to be selfish for not thinking of others pain on that day. I was feeling very beat up before attending church. So it was with a great sigh of relief that I entered the church, feeling that at least here I was safe.

So I was saddened/shocked/surprised when it didn't work out that way. I was expecting a sermon on being a Godly mother or some such thing. The sermon we got applied to mothers, but it was started with the statement that he wanted to talk to all wives, because not all wives are mothers. Nothing wrong with that. It was just a surprise that even at church we were going to skip over honoring mothers so as not to leave other wives out.

It was the tail end of a very long laundry list that led up to my post.

The final push was a comment by a family member....not the church sermon.

We need compassion always on any day we celebrate for those that either don't celebrate also or who associate that day with loss and pain. ALWAYS.

What we don't need is to have our joy or happiness stolen because of unfairness, or the pain of others. It is not SHAMEFUL to be honored on Mother's Day.

I also read and heard some great comments about Mother's Day. It's just that this year they were far outnumber by the negative.

Why are we trying so hard to murder the backbone of the family? Why do we want to strip mother's of a day of honor? That's what I want to know.


  1. Interesting. I noticed it this year too. I am surrounded by more mothers who have had trouble conceiving than any other year, so I think I am more aware. However, I completely agree - there should be no guilt in celebrating motherhood.

  2. You know, until you mentioned this, I'd never been aware of any mother being ashamed at celebrating Mother's Day, and have always gone about it the same way, every year. And like most folks, I know women who have difficulty conceiving.

    And as for our church, the pastor had the mothers stand up, which I thought was very sweet. But as for feeling disturbed on behalf of the women who've never had a baby, but want one, well, with my eight kids easily conceived, it's easy to be an ostrich, you know?

    You've given me food for thought, that's for sure.