Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Boy's Quilt

I finished my second quilt. Yet another crib quilt that I made for a new momma. These are just so fun!

But, as I confessed to the recipient -- this one gave me a run for my money.

It's the same stacking coins pattern.

Last time I took it to mom's to have her show me how to finish the quilt. So she tutored me and it went smooth as silk.

So I was all excited to get home and start on the baby boy quilt now that I know how to do it all on my own.


Note to self: A quilting table and a walking foot are musts before your next quilt project.

The boy quilt found me on the kitchen floor to put it all together because I didn't have a surface big enough to handle it.

I also had to rip out my quilting more than once because I didn't have a walking foot for my machine. A walking foot makes sure the bottom fabric and top fabric are moved along at the same time. Without this you have some slippage...which results in pleats and puckers on the back side. Seam-ripper hell.

So, with painstaking care and slow going I finally finished!!!!

I had a much harder time finding fabrics I liked for a boy. Girl fabric is a dime a dozen...boys ... not so much.

I have some more sewing projects I want to try now....but I guess that is pretty much out of the question until we have a contract on the house. Keeping up with all the clipped threads and other sewing mess really would not be easy at this time. Darn.


  1. It looks great!
    Another idea would be to do the piecing on the machine and do the quilting by hand... that keeps you from having to buy another foot. Takes longer, but according to my sister it is sort of soothing.
    You can find her at
    and see some examples of her work, if you want.

  2. Beautiful! We are so close to finishing the Tongginator's 100 Good Wishes quilt. I can't wait to present it to her - four years late, of course, but whatever.

  3. How on earth did you find the time? It looks great - even if it did cause you fits!!

  4. Boy fabrics are tougher to find! But the quilt looks great.