Monday, December 1, 2008

Autumn Asks: Have you ever been to an Angel party?

While living in Omaha, I was invited to my first Angel Party. Each person invited buys an angel and wraps it and brings it to exchange. We then handed them over as we arrived and were given a number for exchange time.

From there we did an angel craft. One year I remember doing felt angel tree skirts. That was alot of fun. This was not a Christian crowd and the drinks were flowing freely with some, so the glue became a rather challenging item to those individuals. Yes, some people even had upside down parts. And argued that they weren't upside down with the non-leaded crowd.

Another year we did glass etching. We each got a glass to etch angels on.

I have really, really missed those angel parties. Every year when I get out my decorations and see my 3 angels from that time, it brings smiles and memories. I've tried to get others interested in trying this tradition, but had no luck...until this year.

I have had the extreme blessing of finding a group of ladies I am proud to call friends here in Texas. I'm still sort of in shock when I think of it. I'm usually pretty lucky if I make two good friends at any given new location. It's hard to invest yourself when you know you will just be saying goodbye.

But here I am, with a fantastic group of friends. And I talked them into an Angel Party! Since we got this started so late, I dropped the whole craft thing and just made it an angel exchange. We all brought snacks and stuff bags for our caroling night when we will visit a few shut-ins and others in the neighborhood around our church.

If you are looking for a fun tradition to start with your family or friends, this might be something to try. There is no end to the different types of angels that will show up...and someone is guaranteed to end up with a Willow Tree Angel.


  1. haha! a willow tree angel :)

    It was fun!

  2. wow, that sounds great! I know what you mean about having 2 good friends at any given location! That is awesome you have found a good group of friends. Love your new look to your blog!

  3. just tell your friends that iron-type peir one angels are not a good idea. what once was a group of ten friends could easily become a group of nine ?(dependig on who ends up with the coveted angel)!

  4. A- What a great time it was! Loved the idea, and hope we make it a Christmas tradition each yr. now! Thanks for coming up with that for us!