Saturday, December 6, 2008

Autumn asks: Are You Done Yet?

My Christmas shopping is DONE! I love being able to say that!!! I hate shopping during December when everyone gets 10 times more rude. But today, I picked up the last thing on our list.

Now, shopping isn't too hard for me. We only buy for the children of our families. I call and ASK them what to get their kids unless I already have a clue or have already found a great bargain. And for my kids its the same thing. I have them write me out a list starting about October. I'm happy to say this works well for us as my children are not over-the-top with their requests. I was listening to another kids list and just laughed and laughed. And the mom said he fully expects that these were reasonable requests. NOT!!!!! God, thank you for my realistic children!!

Also, I completed my Christmas Newsletter today. Normally I would have had that done no later than Thanksgiving weekend...but this year has not been typical. It is done now though, so I'm in the middle of printing them out and then need to start on the actual cards. Need to get this stuff in the mail!!

I hope all my wonderful friends are done with their shopping or almost done. Sure makes enjoying the rest of the month so much easier.

And will you hate me if I tell you all but one thing is wrapped already? Cause it is!


  1. Yes, actually I do hate you, but only this once :)

    I have not purchased ONE, not one present for Christmas!

    Having two kids with birthdays after Thanksgiving, one on top of the other... All we've done is birthdays around here. I do over compensate for not wanting their birthdays to be over -shadowed by Christmas... Anyway, my goal this week is to at least get started. This is the latest to start EVER for me!

  2. Overacheiver. :) I'm just playing! We have only bought a few gifts but will hopefully finish up by this weekend!