Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Autumn Asks: Do you love Christmas Lights?


Really. Really. Really.

But, I only like them inside, on the tree. Don't ask. I don't get it either.
I like to look at other people's houses all decked out in lights on the outside. I just don't want the hassle of putting them up, paying the electric bill and taking them down. Yes, I'm an outdoor light scrooge.

But I make up for it on my tree.
And tonight I pulled the tree out and started putting it together. Between allergies and light abuse, a real tree just isn't an option. So we have an artificial tree, which works just fine for me. It does take me two days to put it up, make it look like a tree, and then cover every available surface with lights.
And you have to do one branch flashing, then the next branch solid. And you do that all the way around the tree and up the tree. Can NOT have a section of the tree blacked-out at any given time. That is just not right.

To do my part we did go out last year and replace our lights with the LED kind. That is my contribution to the energy abuse I contribute to this time of year. It cost a pretty penny too.

How about you? Do you love lights? Do you like clear or colored? Flashing or solid? I love to see all the different ways people do lights!
PS - I decided I needed to do a picture post every day of this month until Christs Birthday. There are so many neat pictures of Christmas scenes! All pictures are found on the net unless otherwise stated.

In other words....this is not my handiwork. I'm not that good. Yet. But I have high hopes.


  1. I'm with ya. I LOVE to drive around with the fam looking at lights, but I just don't know if we'll ever have any on the outside of our house either. Post a pic of your tree! I prefer all white lights. I bet your blinking ones have a great effect.

  2. We put colored and white lights on our tree!! Makes it extra sparkly! We don't do flashing though, that gives me a headache. I'd love to have led lights! Maybe next year if we can find some on sale.


  3. I like white lights myself. My sister can't even look at those "running" lights without itching all over! I usually prefer them not flashing, too. I keep trying to talk Ronny into hanging lights on our house but he's not interested yet. Hopefully he will be soon, we're running out of time!

  4. I love white lights, inside and out, but this year I am somewhat bah humbug about hanging outside lights. We haven't even put up our tree yet, and have no idea when we will have time.